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ChangeLog from (v0.97.0..v4.6.0)

commit 2dc55e417708d411987b4fb4233c87fe9f59ba0a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 17 20:13:42 2014 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.6.0 - fix unicorn 4.8.0 compatibility

    The unicorn 4.8.0 internal changes unfortunately broke some
    unoffically supported behavior we depended on.  This release fixes
    that, but as a result, we lose compatibility of older unicorn
    versions.  (Oops!, oh well... :x)

    There's also minor bugfixes and documentation updates.

    In order to ease transitions to future versions of the GPL, we are
    now "GPLv2 or later" instead of explicitly GPLv2 + GPLv3(-only).
    The old Ruby 1.8 license remains an option.  If the FSF turns out
    a horrible GPLv4, users are free to continue using GPLv2 or GPLv3.

commit 169d506907a711254802a8e86cc343c6322dfae3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 17 20:25:06 2014 +0000

    switch homepage to

    RubyForge is going away, so we must migrate the homepage.
    The mailing list will be migrated, soon.

commit 3e701ee74ff29bdf5daa3249acede5a85a2b0097
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 17 02:03:04 2014 +0000

    unicorn 4.8 compatibility + test version bumps

    Internal reworking of unicorn 4.8.0 completely broke us(!).
    This commit fixes things, but it means we no longer support
    unicorn <= 4.7.  Sorry about that.

commit 1b3e68e3eac0c3fbb2a32e4fddd26ee8a50ec627
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 17 01:31:43 2014 +0000

    error: silence ETIMEDOUT and EHOSTUNREACH errors

    There's nothing we can do about these errors due to
    network failures and bad clients, either, so do not spew
    a backtrace for them.

commit 877f44605ec1768e279843e36c214b656d191011
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Oct 26 08:01:24 2013 +0000

    license: allow all future versions of the GNU GPL

    There is currently no GPLv4, so this change has no effect at the

    In case the GPLv4 arrives and I am not alive to approve/review it,
    the lesser of evils is have give blanket approval of all future GPL
    versions (as published by the FSF).  The worse evil is to be stuck
    with a license which cannot guarantee the Free-ness of this project
    in the future.

    This unfortunately means the FSF can theoretically come out with
    license terms I do not agree with, but the GPLv2 and GPLv3 will
    always be an option to all users.

commit 008269885bcf1bbf99059d752970969f573d8867
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Sep 30 18:19:49 2013 +0000

    Rakefile: kill raa_update task

    RAA is dead.

commit af09f23d530dd018bfd074a81d679a6ac815165e
Author: Lin Jen-Shin <>
Date:   Fri Sep 13 00:41:16 2013 +0800

    Match against newer curl.

    My curl 7.32.0 would actually print 400 Bad Request
    Hope this would make it match against newer or older curl.

    Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>

commit d4988043825d1082666b4c219f2d66659b0c350b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Sep 4 17:09:33 2013 +0000

    SIGNALS: document SIGHUP/preload_app incompatibility

    This was documented in the unicorn docs, but not Rainbows!
    (The major difference between unicorn and Rainbows! signal
    handling is the deferred handling of SIGUSR1 in unicorn vs
    the immediate handling in Rainbows!)

commit 45261c67658d57f98b51d6bb37890f03b60240a9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Apr 24 23:08:32 2013 +0000

    test_isolate: update raindrops to 0.11.0

    raindrops 0.11.0 was released several days ago and contains
    minor improvements + fixes.

commit 2a39832fdbf8054c514562735b1ab6c6544065fe
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Mar 1 23:29:00 2013 +0000

    epoll+xepoll: clarify intent of these concurrency options

    Via private communication, I learned of a user using XEpoll
    when he should not have been.

commit 4be3e386118969345ee5c94049efa7faae338e4d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Feb 27 10:25:21 2013 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.5.0 - hijacking support

    This release adds hijacking support for Rack 1.5.x users.
    See Rack documentation for more information about hijacking.
    Lin Jen-Shin also provided the -N/--no-default-middleware option.
    Minor packaging cleanups and new HACKING document.

    There are also some corner-case bugfixes for *Epoll* users
    (sleepy_penguin, these bugs do not affect EM or users)
    and test suite portability improvements.

commit 85e228de580f2ffff0025695a523349cef79d9c7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 21:16:27 2013 +0000

    manpage: update middleware-related documentation

    -N/--no-default-middleware needs a corresponding manpage entry.

    Additionally, the Rack::Chunked/ContentLength middleware comment
    is out-of-date as of unicorn v4.1.0

commit 1bdb4eda0d868223bd6b3d92db4545a02f5e14f9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 21:02:34 2013 +0000

    epoll/*: remove user-space array as active queue

    This prevents pathological starvation cases where the user-space
    ready-list can be repopulated infinitely.  With EPOLLONESHOT,
    epoll itself may be used for this task (at a slightly higher
    cost) by enabling read/write checks, as the epoll ready-list
    preserves event ordering when used with EPOLLONESHOT.

commit 552c4ca305092911ca7613de4b1ba310e5481775
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 20:07:30 2013 +0000

    xepoll_thread_*/client: EPOLLONESHOT implies EPOLLET

    No need to specify both flags for epoll (confirmed by reading
    fs/eventpoll.c in the Linux kernel).

commit 81e555569fc254ed9d592c8734695b22d4f9bc12
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 08:19:05 2013 +0000

    doc: add HACKING document

    Thanks to Alex Wolfe for noticing.

commit f8b5181e744848468bf3bb0fe469795f9113cf4c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 07:42:51 2013 +0000

    tests: update checks for Ruby 2.0.0

    EventMachine/NeverBlock currently do not build on Ruby 2.0.0

commit 95d6719722f31987c72052b000f67d99989a81c8
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 03:16:46 2013 +0000

    bump unicorn dependency to 4.6.2+ for Ruby 2.0.0

    This ensures we're compatible with the latest stable
    Ruby version.

commit 83a3b49dd3a1f1885ca56e9889ff22aa7b7c6136
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 26 03:14:26 2013 +0000

    gemspec: set licenses= attribute

    Old versions of RubyGems which could not handle this attribute
    are likely no longer in use.

commit 7dd14b2780b87be58c7afbd03df8d1f7cc3e9575
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Feb 16 00:04:53 2013 +0000

    GIT-VERSION-GEN: rewrite to manage RAINBOWS_VERSION const

    This DRYs up versioning and makes packages easier to distribute.

commit e166cfe5e8d648b544b1291ec157bd234a425e21
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 8 22:45:20 2013 +0000

    hijacking support for Rack 1.5.x users

    This requires Rack 1.5.x and unicorn 4.6.0 for hijacking
    support.  Older versions of Rack continue to work fine,
    but we must use unicorn 4.6.0 features to support this.

commit e6faf9e26bcb172026a4984ecadbaa8b6789bcb7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Feb 4 12:39:09 2013 +0000

    tests: "wc -l" portability for *BSDs

    On FreeBSD 9.0, "wc -l" emits leading whitespace, so
    filter it through tr -d '[:space:]' to eliminate it.

commit f4e3bac180ff01256832f98655636f79b52f9d5b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 25 02:10:05 2013 +0000

    tests: bump version dependencies for Isolate

    Most of these test dependencies may be safely bumped.

commit 8a6117a22a7d01eeb5adc63d3152acf435cd3176
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 24 23:33:54 2013 +0000

    tests: "wc -c" portability for *BSDs

    On FreeBSD 9.0, "wc -c" emits leading whitespace, so
    filter it through tr -d '[:space:]' to eliminate it.

commit 0ba6fc3c30b9cf530faf7fcf5ce7be519ec13fe7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 24 23:13:41 2013 +0000

    tests: replace non-portable "date +%s" with ruby equivalent

    "date +%s" is not in POSIX (it is in GNU, and at least FreeBSD
    9.0, possibly earlier).  The Ruby equivalent should be
    sufficiently portable between different Ruby versions.

    This change was automated via:
     perl -i -p -e 's/date \+%s/unix_time/' t/*.sh

commit cbff7b0892148b037581541184364e0e91d2a138
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 24 22:59:16 2013 +0000

    tests: remove utee and use tee(1) instead

    POSIX already stipulates tee(1) must be unbuffered.  I think my
    decision to use utee was due to my being misled by a bug in
    older curl where -N did not work as advertised (but --no-buffer

commit a552fb90230eb65c28897398c7786dc9a13446ca
Author: Lin Jen-Shin <>
Date:   Tue Jan 29 11:44:06 2013 +0800

    Add -N or --no-default-middleware option.

    This would prevent Unicorn (Rainbows) from adding default middleware,
    as if RACK_ENV were always none. (not development nor deployment)

    This is implemented in Unicorn, so we only need to update
    the option parser here.

    Discussion thread on Unicorn mailing list:

    Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>

commit 49f70632e2f4a9b84fd4fced7439d0844fed1bbd
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 24 19:47:41 2013 +0000

    epoll: ensure closing of pipelined clients if required

    on_read normally relies on the close checking in on_readable,
    but on_deferred_write_complete may be called from on_writable
    instead (bypassing the close check of on_readable).

    This affects both Epoll and XEpoll users, but only if they
    were sending responses via body#to_path and triggering

    While we're at it, favor non-recursive want_more instead of
    calling on_readable recursively in ev_write_responses to
    prevent stack growth.

commit ad5ab9fe21d57b78b7c6681bbc0907c934e898b0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 18 11:21:45 2013 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.4.3 - bugfixes for EventMachine users

    This release fixes two EventMachine bugfixes from Lin Jen-Shin
    and Mark J. Titorenko.  There are also some minor cleanups.

    Lin Jen-Shin (1):
          event_machine: avoid close on deferred response

    Mark J. Titorenko (1):
          event_machine: join reactor_thread if it is already running

    Eric Wong (2):
          event_machine: cleanup confusing assignment
          t/GNUmakefile: cleanup test dependencies

commit 5eaec3184b49d3c1068b1f011e7afe43b33dd2d5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 17 10:17:29 2013 +0000

    t/GNUmakefile: cleanup test dependencies

    The missing random_blob dependency was causing the following
    to fail on a fresh clone:

     make -C t

commit a12d2e64e04b5098f31e63a72ea8330b6c8f3a19
Author: Mark J. Titorenko <>
Date:   Fri Jan 11 11:57:12 2013 +0000

    event_machine: join reactor_thread if it is already running

    ...rather than falling through worker_loop

    Prior to the application of this patch, if an EventMachine
    reactor_thread has already been started elsewhere before the
    worker_loop is entered, the worker_loop exits as a second call
    to does not block the current thread.

    This patch causes the worker_loop thread to join the
    reactor_thread if it is running.

    [ew: commit message formatting]

    Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>

commit 28eaf3e766f5dddc6ca073a155b8005afdaecfba
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 19 03:39:58 2012 +0000

    event_machine: cleanup confusing assignment

commit 42bf1f6de55b82af46fd8255453036c6582b7f19
Author: Lin Jen-Shin <>
Date:   Wed Dec 19 04:03:55 2012 +0800

    event_machine: avoid close on deferred response

    close_connection_after_writing only if not deferred, as in

    Deferred responses may buffer more data down the line, so
    keep the connection alive if we have a deferred response

    [ew: clear @deferred when we really want to quit,
     updated commit message]

    Acked-by: Eric Wong <>

commit f7f9c6b8470e54e25a17cd1a9517f5030e43fa66
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 6 11:40:21 2012 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.4.2 - EventMachine async.callback fix

    One bugfix allows stream(:keep_open) in Sinatra to work

    Thanks to W. Andrew Loe III for the informative bug report
    and reproducible test case.


commit ef74449fdf7a2c487d07a1aa8b4e34cc3be77aab
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 5 03:34:02 2012 +0000

    test_isolate: bump eventmachine and sinatra deps

    Always ensuring we work with the latest versions.

commit d5c8cc8b51619f0d33f75036c53e3936ad2749b2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 5 03:08:19 2012 +0000

    event_machine: properly defer body.close for async

    Calling body.close in the normal write_response() code path
    is incorrect, and only worked out of sheer luck with
    Cramp and async_sinata.

    This change allows stream(:keep_open) in Sinatra to work

    Thanks to W. Andrew Loe III for the informative bug report
    and reproducible test case.


commit fb671a2d316029169940d00a3f9307c3113541c4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 31 01:53:43 2012 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.4.1 - a minor bugfix for Fiber users

    Fiber-based concurrency options avoids negative sleep
    intervals.  Thanks to Lin Jen-Shin for pointing this out.

commit e794a40049959a23ba311c572e518bb7c2861812
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 24 23:03:17 2012 +0000

    fiber/base: avoid negative sleep interval

    Also clarify the code while we're at it.
    Thanks to Lin Jen-Shin for pointing this out.


commit 12281e4cee86496588814cd1851e8764caea024c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 18 08:10:14 2012 +0000

    Rakefile: -> now requires HTTPS, too.

commit 7450ebd46b6e7cf0eb59a3d6d561d5d6252bef16
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 18 07:04:11 2012 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.4.0 - minor improvements

    For epoll/ concurrency models, shutdown() is now
    used to timeout keepalive clients to avoid race conditions.
    Minor documentation improvements.

commit 5bcbe397f4457fa6c76443cc77d662139ef464f2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jul 19 13:10:37 2012 -0700

    thread_timeout: document additional caveats

    Again, for the one thousandth time, timing out threads is very
    tricky business :<

commit 73a76531b7f4826cdb3bad0a0286038fb6ade4f3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Jul 1 03:56:39 2012 +0000

    test_isolate: bump raindrops dependency

    As usual, test with the latest released version to avoid

commit 36ce10c49ce7aa0df9d47f5a5f870c23c1891258
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Jun 30 19:57:08 2012 +0000

    coolio+xepoll_thread*: use shutdown() for keepalive timeout

    Triggering Errno::EBADF is tricky in multithreaded situations
    due to possible race conditions and yet-to-be discovered bugs.
    shutdown(2) is also safe against apps the fork() internally but
    do not execve(2) nor set FD_CLOEXEC.

    n.b. calling fork() after pthreads are spawned may not be safe
    on all platforms w.r.t. malloc, but /is/ the case for glibc on

    Follow-up-to: commit a5b987619f4b793203f6a50e424fe98c5b0794ba

commit a5b987619f4b793203f6a50e424fe98c5b0794ba
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jun 18 20:32:39 2012 +0000

    epoll*: favor shutdown(2) for keepalive timeout

    Triggering Errno::EBADF is tricky in multithreaded situations
    due to possible race conditions and yet-to-be discovered bugs.
    shutdown(2) is also safe against apps the fork() internally but
    do not execve(2) nor set FD_CLOEXEC.

    n.b. calling fork() after pthreads are spawned may not be safe
    on all platforms w.r.t. malloc, but /is/ the case for glibc on

commit 604f64f624d562f480dc8424a6597ec5b32947df
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed May 9 21:11:39 2012 +0000

    fiber_pool: take Fibers from larger pools faster

    Array#pop can be significantly faster than Array#shift on large
    arrays (especially since we push into the Array).  This is
    because Array#shift needs to shift all elements in the array,
    and Array#pop only needs to shorten the array by one element.
    The Fiber stack may also be hotter in CPU caches when we choose
    the most-frequently used stack.

commit 3e61265d4193340721dd53178c43c4fa24debb79
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed May 9 21:11:13 2012 +0000

    test_isolate: update deps for EM tests

    async_sinatra and rack-fiber_pool had new versions since
    we last updated.

commit bdd64821feba82d9fce45c8dac64ba7b7bb530ac
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed May 9 02:20:42 2012 +0000

    test_isolate: bump unicorn and kgio versions for testing

    Users will pull the latest upstream, ensure things keep

commit bbd55c8bcd0d2833c99a2c23856ff07be7f46f9a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed May 9 02:18:08 2012 +0000

    stream_response_epoll: fix for unicorn 4.3.x

    unicorn 4.3.x now calls shutdown() explicitly on the socket,
    so we can't just rely on a dup()-ed FD to keep a socket around.

commit 9573d9bc6c63aced28300a9d7346b5575eed8b7d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 8 23:18:41 2012 +0000

    tests: require sleepy_penguin 3.1.0 or later

    We'll be making the XEpollThreadPool users depend on this, too.

commit 335b383fa43a6d21d473ebc81668dae9a3c09055
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Apr 11 21:48:36 2012 +0000

    doc: some spelling fixes

    Found with rdoc-spellcheck

commit f2c27e950b3314b4a647c482d506ba4c7314cac4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Feb 23 08:07:13 2012 +0000

    t/test_isolate: update test dependencies

    At least for the gems I'm most familiar with...

commit b5756023920bc48bd879b419f80849ded38173c8
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Oct 12 16:29:23 2011 -0700

    t0501: fix ambiguous shell construct for capture + subshells

    Starting with "$((" can be ambiguous and confused for shell arithmetic.

commit db46699c438c2d1287563587fddea84e34c53482
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Oct 12 16:14:49 2011 -0700

    http_server: fix log message if using Base (no concurrency)

    Telling the user worker_connections=50 when using the Base
    concurrency model is misleading.

commit 0b955487e44011d80a457618c2e8148c8ec05e05
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Sep 2 02:14:03 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.3.1 - small bugfix

    This release fixes a potential reentrancy deadlock when
    using the default logger from the Ruby standard library.

commit 71b4507755f2bd279adb14e6cdc90e1380efa247
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Aug 30 16:18:21 2011 -0700

    avoid potential Logger deadlock in SIGQUIT and SIGUSR1

    If any combination of SIGQUIT and SIGUSR1 are sent to a
    Rainbows! worker in a /very/ short period of time, the Mutex
    used by the default Logger implementation may deadlock since
    Mutex synchronization is not reentrant-safe.

    Users of alternative logger implementations (or monkey-patched
    ones) are possibly not affected.  Users of the logger_mp_safe.rb
    monkey-patch distributed[1] with unicorn are not affected.


commit 58a09dccfa425811fa3b66e097c38bb303c2aa1e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 01:15:30 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.3.0 - pull in changes from unicorn 4.1.0

    The deprecated Rainbows::HttpResponse class is finally gone
    thanks to Pratik Naik.  Logging of errors is more consistent
    with the changes in unicorn 4.1.0.  There are also minor
    documentation updates.  See the unicorn 4.1.0 release notes
    for more details:

commit b6c07eb14f008361caca6fcc642df60b29ef192c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 00:55:56 2011 +0000

    bump unicorn dependency version

    We want the stricter parser the error log filtering in
    unicorn 4.1.0

commit cd40e197ab6ef6d0baa219497cea7458457f3343
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 00:50:52 2011 +0000

    TODO: remove splice(2) item

    Rainbows! 3.3.0 added the copy_stream Configurator directive

commit d74a4b4520f89ec2dbf539b02dea1f938c63d74c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 00:46:28 2011 +0000

    rdoc: cleanup and stop depending on :enddoc:

    It doesn't seem to work at the top of the file...

commit f782ab61830ee92942abfcca7c7cb2cdd274e69d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 00:37:03 2011 +0000

    update development wrongdoc dep to 1.6

    Hopefully this points more folks to email us.

commit fbc144d57e83dc8ef5d9e653d38f88ef4b74cb62
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 19 23:13:10 2011 +0000

    event_machine: update rdoc for new Cramp homepage

    Cramp has a homepage and mailing list now, yay!

commit 3b987ec182cbe919646ea1cb9cd903a31bd85d45
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 19 23:10:28 2011 +0000

    cramp: update test dependency to version to 0.15

    Everything appears to be working...

commit 371fbd9e1e189510c825063770ff4f5ea79bfead
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 19 23:07:59 2011 +0000

    t/test_isolate: bump kgio test version

    We always try to test with the latest and greatest.

commit ff70afb97c7f41e28b3d3f6df665daeb4d415989
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Aug 16 19:00:37 2011 -0700

    more consistent logging for errors

    The Unicorn.log_error method exists since 4.0.0

commit 93e06d33193ee9fd4a58275a4909f008b4bcc4dc
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 12 07:53:21 2011 +0000

    test_isolate: bump test version

    Everything appears to work as expected under 1.1.0

commit a8949f91b323cf478f6aa99dc144f672d382e55e
Author: Pratik Naik <>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 22:24:21 2011 +0100

    Remove deprecated Rainbows::HttpResponse

    Acked-by: Eric Wong <>

commit 017b95be08a702c9faae1949db9328f7e82c2d8c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 23:31:18 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.2.0 - Cramp WebSocket updates!

    This release includes updates to support WebSockets
    under Cramp 0.14 and later.  This will be the last
    release which supports Cramp 0.13.

    There are no changes in this release for non-Cramp

commit 73a8847fac9939e1b42a471f7537b5f89bd5ca94
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 23:17:07 2011 +0000

    bump Cramp test dependency to 0.14

commit ab175517f8fd22acada6daa46c89edda080fa6a9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 19:08:12 2011 +0000

    event_machine: APP needs to be in the main Client class

    Oops, testing against new changes against cramp.git here

commit 7223b868624d19f3421045c2bc5b075bacd83694
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 18:44:32 2011 +0000

    event_machine: add :em_client_class option

    This can allow Cramp (and potentially other libraries)
    to subclass or implement duck-type compatible versions
    of Rainbows::EventMachine::Client.

commit c6bb07a6475f71dc1e2b46b87a34fbbf46c52b5d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 18:15:45 2011 +0000

    cramp: bump test version to 0.13

    cramp was just released a few days ago and all the
    tested pieces seem to work...

commit 8134763f3cc8403ef0e718aa511b192d305a0182
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Jul 30 22:25:31 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.1.0 - minor internal cleanups

    There are only some minor cleanups in this release and a bump to
    kgio 2.5 to remove the dependency on io/wait.  kgio 2.5 or later
    is now required (kgio 2.6+ will be required in the next

commit 1e57c4c846ba9a3b736078b860583b0e7dd33d6c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jul 21 23:27:18 2011 +0000

    remove tcp_nodelay/tcp_nopush tweaking

    Unicorn 4.x already defaults match those of Rainbows!
    to favor lower latency instead of lowered bandwidth

commit 175727bc349ec0f7b94b4de936c7e9de1aaffd2d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jul 21 23:17:48 2011 +0000

    remove unnecessary io/wait require

    kgio 2.5 added kgio_wait_*able methods

commit 19a7c3afcb22af75ac3afc358e96325d00415ace
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 29 19:57:05 2011 +0000

    Revert "http_server: cap timeout at 32-bit LONG_MAX seconds"

    Unicorn (> 4.0.1) already handles this for us,
    not that it affects many people...

    This reverts commit 37c376a9253ed62d134cbb4dbc6eaecc6076c77e.

commit c3982b7c043effcfa897086a221567c035603352
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jun 28 23:32:26 2011 +0000

    t0044: do not assume setsockopt() finished

    Race conditions abound in the world of concurrency!

commit 65f251070ce9b61a9049cb413fccffdfa11e7a70
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jun 28 08:17:01 2011 +0000

    Fix Fiber* and WriterThread* breakage from removing io/wait

    This fixes up breakage introduced in commit
    905f0ff393629ddb4d70e3dc221b016128c47415 to switch to
    kgio for timed, synchronous waiting.

commit 905f0ff393629ddb4d70e3dc221b016128c47415
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jun 28 07:39:35 2011 +0000

    require kgio 2.5 for kgio_wait_readable(timeout)

    Since kgio_wait_*able in kgio 2.5 takes an optional timeout
    argument, we no longer have to load the extra "io/wait" module.
    This saves us a small amount of some memory and also removes the
    extra ioctl(FIONREAD) syscall IO#wait enforces.

    Like IO#wait in Ruby 1.9.3dev, kgio_wait_readable may use
    ppoll() to wait on high-numbered file descriptors as efficiently
    as it waits on low-numbered descriptors.

commit 9684ed46e78dab1ae787fe135a3cec1c4490ddd6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jun 28 07:20:27 2011 +0000

    bin/rainbows: release the OptionParser object from stack

    No point in keeping it around to eat memory.

commit 37c376a9253ed62d134cbb4dbc6eaecc6076c77e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jun 27 21:20:42 2011 +0000

    http_server: cap timeout at 32-bit LONG_MAX seconds

    We can't wait for longer than 68 years.

commit 1f8ebc013e8b0e9a62587fb95a81e8c5f541a9d4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jun 27 09:20:37 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 4.0.0 - MOAR concurrency for MOAR COARS

    Rainbows! now scales to more than 1024 worker processes without
    special privileges.  To enable this, Rainbows! now depends on
    Unicorn 4.x and thus raindrops[1].

    client_max_header_size directive is added to limit per-client
    memory usage in headers.

    An experimental StreamResponseEpoll concurrency option now
    exists to buffer outgoing responses without any thread-safe
    dependencies.  Unlike the rest of Rainbows! which works fine
    without nginx, this concurrency option is /only/ supported
    behind nginx, even more strongly so than Unicorn itself.
    non-nginx LAN clients are NOT supported for this.  This relies
    on the sleepy_penguin[2] RubyGem (and Linux).

    There are some minor bug fixes and cleanups all around.  See
    "git log v3.4.0.." for details.


commit cc74623dddb9d28d7d5a2479aafdb7a754645697
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jun 27 09:18:39 2011 +0000

    bump dependencies (kgio, unicorn, raindrops)

    We now rely on Unicorn 4.0.0.  We'll use the latest
    kgio and raindrops versions anyways.

commit 0e9d8ac759f7c5d783f055df0fb5d4f08c68db71
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jun 27 09:15:24 2011 +0000

    remove unused arg in Rainbows::Response.setup

    It hasn't been used in a while, but we kept it for
    Zbatery version compatibility.

commit 8c1e3da65d7a709c6578652fa57e5ca0e7a9a459
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 07:40:03 2011 +0000

    epoll/client: properly close on all pipe responses

    Some pipe responses can trigger the on_deferred_write_complete
    method without ever re-running the event loop.

    This appears to be the result of the occasional t0050 failures.

commit 63aff8f1cffebaeb6320a5f6d2ec8cb9c7d8ea54
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 07:05:37 2011 +0000

    t0050: improve diagnostics for this test

    This test seems to fail sometimes with Epoll and XEpoll...

commit cdbec31577cae4fcaa3c4dcd0492d2ab81307fe4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 02:25:56 2011 +0000

    t/test_isolate: remove unneeded comment

    That's been around forever, and we think Rubinius supports

commit a831f5685ac03f7f0f3d341df89eade6134b55b4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 02:25:11 2011 +0000

    dev_fd_response: enable under Rubinius

    Untested, but it should work nowadays...

commit 6858c79a49a5d25edb6c06ffd131749eb2f23b2b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 02:21:58 2011 +0000

    Unicorn 4.x resync for ticker

    This removes the extra per-process file descriptor and
    replaces it with Raindrops.

commit 51859dfd9b9f11f6cc0af3fc252312b8018a88e2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 02:21:33 2011 +0000

    t/test_isolate: drop Unicorn test dependency for now

    It's already a runtime dependency

commit be9f24aa1392c67294187844a620e3a9974e0948
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jun 15 22:42:49 2011 +0000

    remove IO_PURGATORY dependency

    We no longer need to put all listeners away since
    Unicorn uses kgio.

commit 281ef555c40cf292809ad10d623d0571fafc790e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Jun 11 06:35:12 2011 +0000

    configurator: add client_max_header_size directive

    Lowering this will lower worst-case memory usage and mitigate some
    denial-of-service attacks.  This should be larger than

    The default value is carried over from Mongrel and Unicorn.

commit 1f3e7b1c7ee89aefdcadd4aebd7b0527baa188a3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Jun 11 05:46:52 2011 +0000

    doc: remove docs for Rainbows::Fiber::* APIs

    Do not encourage their use, really.

commit d01c5df960546462e8f5f458131d78689342d6aa
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jun 10 22:39:01 2011 -0700

    stream_response_epoll: update documentation

    Yes, this concurrency model is our strangest yet.

commit b065cab4fa5ca25302220c20563398a57069ae08
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Jun 11 00:34:42 2011 +0000

    remove method

    We can get away with a single stack frame reduction.  Unicorn
    itself has more stack reductions, but Rainbows! is further
    behind in this area.

commit 1468604be898d17c2cf2da519dccd493c58f4282
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jun 10 22:08:04 2011 +0000

    ev_core: do not autochunk HTTP/1.0 (and 0.9) responses

    Do not assume middlewares/applications are stupid and blindly
    add chunking to responses (we have precedence set by

commit 1aa7eb6608d04a21d1143e7ac09e5219a1208123
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jun 10 21:35:48 2011 +0000

    ev_core: use add_parse for trailers, too

    HttpParser#trailers and #headers are actually the same
    method, so we'll just continue on.

commit 27f54de4b83e20c5d68c6dd225c1d350aeee5cd3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jun 10 20:27:22 2011 +0000

    gemspec: add GPLv3 to commented-out licenses section

    Reduces inconsistency.

commit 7bb7c4469fb744135377d68e7c29cde3fbc635dc
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jun 10 02:13:55 2011 +0000

    use HttpParser#add_parse API in Unicorn 3.7.0

    It's easier-to-use in some cases.

commit 772a5da573a661df6421afa6398b9e4023e77ce4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jun 9 23:47:37 2011 +0000

    tests: more fixes for StreamResponseEpoll


commit be467481fe774e60f5a349c6447769f090e57e06
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jun 9 21:29:02 2011 +0000

    response: sendfile_range fis for Rack::File in rack 1.3.0

    Rack::File already sets Content-Range, so don't repeat work
    and reparse Content-Length.

commit 5bd92111979d968fc9b982f1e529b8044e718f71
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jun 9 21:08:38 2011 +0000

    t/t9002: use Rack::Head

    We send HEAD requests and expect body-less responses.
    Noticed while running a newer rack version after re-isolating.

commit 879968a88559c434b4f117e86e61ccdb62263b26
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jun 9 21:01:00 2011 +0000

    update various RubyGem dependencies

    Gotta keep using the latest and greatest.

commit 40edc84784864063a38ba38bf854a2119c243ce4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jun 9 00:34:00 2011 +0000

    stream_response_epoll: our most "special" concurrency option yet

    This doesn't use Rainbows::Base so we have no keepalive support
    at all.  This could eventually be an option for streaming

commit 54deb6a9a0e868c0958c9ec145e311661ce90e54
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jun 9 00:23:28 2011 +0000

    move reopen_worker_logs to base

    We may not always use Rainbows! :Base since we don't want
    keepalive/immediate log reopening in some cases.

commit 99244e8e30eded813bd8eaf7f2136a3871bd486c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jun 6 10:24:05 2011 -0700

    doc: remove --sanitize-html for pandoc

    pandoc 1.8 no longer supports this, and we don't need it anyways
    since we only generate documentation from our repository.

commit d40aff8c3fb6ecce314897837c28d9400fbf38a8
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 31 08:33:04 2011 -0700

    xepoll_thread_*: update docs for Linux 3

    Linux 3.0.0 is just around the corner and of course newer
    than 2.6.

commit cfe9a6d38533d380112f2b99bea9a1a3664f0395
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 30 21:31:23 2011 +0000

    test-lib: enable splice(2) for Linux 3.x

    The latest Linux series is now 3.x, not 2.6.x

commit 983722912028f35348c8ff276df48855281be715
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat May 21 03:02:09 2011 +0000

    Rainbows 3.4.0 - minor updates and fixes

    SIGQUIT (graceful shutdown) now drops idle keepalive clients for
    the concurrency models where maintaining an idle client is
    relatively inexpensive: Coolio, CoolioThreadPool,
    CoolioThreadSpawn, Epoll, EventMachine, XEpoll,
    XEpollThreadPool, XEpollThreadSpawn.

    Kgio.autopush now works properly for all multi-threaded
    concurrency models (if you're using :tcp_nopush).

commit e5eda7790806d6d7709d02db04c75f09340e9a24
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat May 21 03:01:50 2011 +0000 update to the latest version

    * locale fix for grep

commit 7bd77ef78055af5d5232d16f00568ce02b947ae0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 18:23:50 2011 -0700

    use and recommend sleepy_penguin 3.0.1

    It's better under 1.9.3 (sleepy_penguin 3.0.1 was bogus)

commit 07cb79c14399a292ae2a50db007180941c758c69
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 18:23:50 2011 -0700

    use and recommend sleepy_penguin 3.0.0

    It's better under 1.9.3

commit 9009074ae535438696b706b4d6b8d4c72187c33e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 18:15:30 2011 -0700

    t0044: increase test reliability

commit f83fe5edb79e51616afcf2a9f991cfe153eabd48
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 15:44:48 2011 -0700

    try_defer: enable documentation

    It should hopefully give this more visibility even though it's
    an internal feature.

commit 0b9b4edc63c0021e567c68137e1ee7f9e99ddcc5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 18:13:21 2011 -0700

    xepoll_thread_pool/client: improve autopush support

    We need to trigger a recv() to uncork the response.
    This won't affect fairness (much) since all recv()s
    are non-blocking and a successful header parse will
    put us in the back of the queue.

commit a5419a5fd57a231e40b7a3ba48a02cdef15909be
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 15:30:11 2011 -0700

    .gitignore: add tags/TAGS files

    Some folks use them.

commit f4b084225b7115efecfbfb2b5d16da1f1da5c39e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 15:17:21 2011 -0700

    add tests for Kgio autopush on Linux

    We can support it fully for a subset of concurrency models where
    we have full control over buffering and HTTP/1.1 keepalive

commit a396de855e291d27d43454618031432634fe7d37
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 14:24:14 2011 -0700

    add test for SIGQUIT disconnect

    This will only be supported for certain concurency models, but
    it's probably good enough.

commit 5d5033afa9052dc0d60e743f07bc694f008182b3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 14:22:37 2011 -0700

    event_machine: disconnect idle clients at on SIGQUIT

    Since it's cheap to maintain keepalive clients with EM, we need
    a way of disconnecting them in a timely fashion on rare SIGQUIT

commit bba079d8a605b546bc262e80234c3c233a386e44
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 18:58:04 2011 +0000

    client: use kgio_write across the board

    This should enable Kgio "autopush" support for ThreadSpawn,
    ThreadPool, XEpollThreadSpawn, and XEpollThreadPool.

    (still needs tests)

commit ea6d0eab436c78113f8a61e7fcc34db4117d14c0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 20 09:19:51 2011 +0000

    coolio* + *epoll*: drop keepalive clients on SIGQUIT

    In concurrency models long keepalive times are cheap (and thus
    more likely to be used), this allows Rainbows! to gracefully
    shut down more quickly.

commit 90af18f6884857704d72fd6b2bb91718aad72117
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu May 19 23:54:59 2011 -0700

    epoll/xepoll: more consistent client implementations

    There's less logic in the server this way and easier
    to potentially share code this way.

commit 5e4f790847198e1267b2fbd5decfa09e5cc3d618
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 17 17:38:12 2011 -0700

    doc: recommend io_splice 4.1.1 or later

    io_splice 4.1.1 works around issues with socket
    buffers filling up pipe buffers on blocking splice.

    See for a better

commit bc4f5510cd0e5ccf85f077cca019bca70309bf01
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 14:12:27 2011 -0700

    Rainbows! 3.3.0 - doc improvements and more

    * improved documentation all around, suggestions/comments to further
      improve documentation is greatly welcome at:

    * added GPLv3 option to the license (now (Ruby|GPLv2|GPLv3), though
      Unicorn is still (Ruby|GPLv2) for now)

    * added client_header_buffer_size config directive (default 1K)

    * small default header buffer size (16K => 1K) to reduce memory usage,
      Rails apps with cookie sessions may want to increase this (~2K)

    * all concurrency models default to 50 connections per process

    * all concurrency models with a secondary :pool_size parameter also
      default to 50 (threads/fibers/whatever)

    * RLIMIT_NOFILE and RLIMIT_NPROC are automatically increased if needed

    * Rainbows::ThreadTimeout middleware rewritten, still not recommended,
      lazy people should be using Unicorn anyways :)

    * Several experimental Linux-only edge-triggered epoll options:
      XEpollThreadSpawn, XEpollThreadPool, XEpoll, and Epoll.
      The latter two were in previous releases but never announced.
      These require the "sleepy_penguin", "raindrops", and "sendfile" RubyGems

    === Deprecations

    * Rainbows::Fiber::IO* APIs all deprecated, Rainbows! will avoid
      having any concurrency model-specific APIs in the future and
      also avoid introducing new APIs for applications.

    * Fiber-based concurrency models are no longer recommended, they're
      too fragile for most apps, use at your own risk (they'll continue to
      be supported, however).  Linux NPTL + Ruby 1.9 is pretty lightweight
      and will be even lighter in Ruby 1.9.3 if you're careful with stack
      usage in your C extensions.

commit bcd0825fc77a2986aebb3f1f5a653a64faf6a8c5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 21:01:47 2011 +0000

    writer_thread_*: fix sendfile detection under Ruby 1.8

    I can't wait until I stop supporting Ruby 1.8

commit 912c328ecfccf189239c4ad2bb7863d64342868f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 20:42:10 2011 +0000

    document RubyGem requirements

    Hopefully makes things easier to try out.

commit 46ac7ca9f3e5c7736aa1c9430d2de218e27bf730
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 20:32:29 2011 +0000

    doc: cleanup rdoc for Rainbows module

    The only supported method is Rainbows.sleep in here

commit 362ac7801d4f6ddd85cbafdc7e9118f88089564a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 20:13:00 2011 +0000

    use :pool_size for RLIMIT_NPROC with thread pool models

    Only needed for Ruby 1.9

commit f9de85b9a35c9f95b390249ea855858c5e4a3ae2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 20:05:12 2011 +0000

    more reliable shutdown for epoll concurrency models

    Just close the epoll descriptor, since the sleepy_penguin
    epoll_wait wrapper may not return EINTR in the future.

commit 49b60d6f67a94560a802c6ff80c16c92093de877
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 19:43:38 2011 +0000

    tests: unify checks for copy_stream and threaded app dispatch

    This makes things easier to maintain as we add more concurrency

commit 39f625fff05d457b01f088017f463a86d3b6c626
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 16 19:04:06 2011 +0000

    add "copy_stream" config directive

    This allows using IO::Splice.copy_stream from the "io_splice"
    RubyGem on recent Linux systems.  This also allows users to
    disable copy_stream usage entirely and use traditional
    response_body.each calls which are compatible with all Rack
    servers (to workaround bugs in IO.copy_stream under 1.9.2-p180).

commit d520222050ce88388ae5e446c63642d79cc9796e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 10 16:34:51 2011 -0700

    configurator: update user-facing documentation

    Finally, we have all methods in configurator and it's
    much easier to document!

commit 95cec890409ac07d51c87ab157fe7e101d6f8432
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 10 16:33:07 2011 -0700

    max_body: documentation updates

    It can't be used as middleware for fully-buffering concurrency

commit 382d3cabfda9fdd391228d24e8a8d4cb014648b9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 10 15:35:21 2011 -0700

    LICENSE: add GPLv3 to license terms

    GPLv2 and Ruby-specific terms remain intact, but this means
    we can be combined and redistributed with GPLv3-only software
    (once Unicorn has GPLv3 added to its license).

commit 704f843054f3ca32941d42972a1c7d1b144d06ad
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 04:39:54 2011 +0000

    configurator: move validation logic over

    There's actually no reason we can't have these methods
    in Rainbows::Configurator where it's easier to document

commit 598525843ee1d120fd9878011ca2b6328c2cf95f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 02:24:26 2011 +0000

    doc: better document :pool_size options

    CoolioThreadPool has had it supported forever, but
    only NeverBlock had it documented.

commit 1e3b7e9bfef992b337a9a113da6c99071dce60e1
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 02:15:55 2011 +0000

    TODO: misc updates

    Some things were never going to get done due to lack of interest
    from users.

commit 87632aac323bd41701900a03dc78bc307fa8229a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 02:13:51 2011 +0000

    doc: update comparison and README

    Clearly users need to know about more options

commit d0336075a772d040b9fe3100098e1815ce609cb4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 01:57:16 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_*: add rdoc for users

    It's good to describe what they're useful for.

commit a62e9240fffe544d171c87f94946ecf50888a6df
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 01:56:46 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn/client: remove rdoc

    It's an internal implementation detail.

commit 6b430295177c4689a6a5d421d575867c5da8ba2b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 01:55:32 2011 +0000

    max_body: rdoc updates

    speling ficks and less confusing #initialize documentation

commit 9afcdde9a92f817330e4dfd5e1ef77a7bf461253
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 00:21:23 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_pool: add optional :pool_size argument

    We're now able to configure the number of threads independently
    of worker_connections.

commit 725adcc6986bc2658d92ea3ebebe61d2b83060ad
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 00:17:06 2011 +0000

    split out pool_size module

    coolio_thread_pool, neverblock both use it, and
    xepoll_thread_pool will support it next, too.

commit 3c1649226d2371ce09d14f3fcce18fec0af1ba02
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 00:16:23 2011 +0000

    t0041: less confusing skip message

    Just the test name is irrelevant

commit 380ef63bc2c8f7b6f1cab7387aa9343bc5720c9c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 9 00:02:51 2011 +0000

    add XEpollThreadPool concurrency option

    This is probably friendlier on server resources in the worst
    case than XEpollThreadSpawn but may perform worse in the client
    client-visible way, too.

commit df00f2b1028ba95450246c82e468878b6ec903a3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 07:54:30 2011 +0000

    Revert "epoll: fixes for Ruby 1.9.3dev"

    Fixed in kgio 2.4.0 now

    This reverts commit a1168e7d2bfe182896f139d051ef099616fd1646.

commit ed869514211a908748f04a881e6fb18a395914ae
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 07:47:03 2011 +0000

    join_threads: simplify thread stoppage check

    No need for a string comparison

commit 8af417bbacb285c90a376c55a42fe39a981a328d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 07:39:38 2011 +0000

    require kgio 2.4.0

    kgio 2.4.0 has some 1.9.3dev fixes which affect us

commit ec3f871c9a34734b865365a43979a0b459654b05
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 07:26:55 2011 +0000

    epoll_wait: flags argument is unused

    We only poll for one event (EPOLLIN/EPOLLOUT) at a time,
    so there's no need to actually check since they're too

commit e64e2e0045d63c4edd291839febba978534be652
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 07:22:36 2011 +0000

    xepoll: cleanup acceptor logic

    worker_yield is safer than setting a threshold with multiple
    acceptors when thread limits are hit.  Also, avoid sleep +
    Thread#run since it's potentially racy if threads are extremely
    unfairly scheduled.

    Same things applied to xepoll_thread_spawn.

commit 07a0bee9dd6f2c366d11284b7e9ab09d66b411e4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 04:06:12 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn: rework acceptor logic

    Infinite sleep is too dangerous due to possible race conditions,
    so use worker_yield which is safer and cheaper in the general
    case.  We can also avoid sleeping on new threads by only
    spawning when the client module is included.

commit c543b295ff2108623f3748a141e04e5530d06377
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 03:58:21 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn/client: close returns nil

    Otherwise pipeline_ready can false positive on us

commit 497ce74310baaa7ac4835b8d6aa76acb40d44b7c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 01:28:43 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn: inline needless method

    shorter line and 3 lines of code killed!

commit ef9376775b1a6eeae8807160b2b8ea23fbfd3607
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 8 01:27:25 2011 +0000

    process_client: fix pipeline_ready arity

    Not that it's actually used, right now.

commit 3decb4375847b97c117440e5167dbba33d5f33b5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 6 01:04:39 2011 +0000

    remove unnecessary variable assignments

commit bcca2d3bc609e9ecaa77ec93bef861b1ddcc01dd
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 6 00:52:18 2011 +0000

    test_isolate: update to latest raindrops and unicorn

    Newer versions should be better

commit 21a1a20223986af8c8962cafe2e0f1eae0dcfd19
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri May 6 00:38:53 2011 +0000

    ensure some requires get loaded in master

    More sharing, faster startups, and most importantly,
    better error reporting if some things are missing.

commit 0efe7b677b076a32ef54e5f2f0a9861eb1f7f3d9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu May 5 07:16:48 2011 +0000

    http_server: XEpollThreadSpawn sets RLIMIT_NPROC

    It *can* have as many threads as it does idle connections.

commit 8fb350e00c1421907cbc36cbf29c499b8ad051e4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 3 01:18:45 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! defaults more DRY

    We won't forget to reset defaults on SIGHUP anymore.

commit e9a229c639dd6bda08a3fa8ce14af3688dc2ba63
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 3 01:15:37 2011 +0000

    s/max_bytes/client_max_body_size/ for consistency

    Too confusing otherwise...

commit a7f5f17ba2047ef7143465f612007ea81871a79e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue May 3 01:05:11 2011 +0000

    add client_header_buffer_size tuning parameter

    We're changing our default to 1K buffers to save memory.  This
    should reduce memory usage of idle clients and lower pressure on
    the MRI GC.  Rails applications using session cookies (the
    default) may want to up this to 2K or more.

commit 01381ab4dfeb032c85e72724df889c7aa381aa32
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 2 22:05:52 2011 +0000

    rainbows: get rid of MODEL_WORKER_CONNECTIONS constant

    Just use regular autoload, now.   Less guesswork.

commit 25c5930988d6deab8f885981fdaf6c1eb12fdf98
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon May 2 08:05:45 2011 -0700

    http_server: default all options to 50 connections

    pavinging the way for changing MODEL_WORKER_CONNECTIONS

commit ce4f5cd7197fb99ed99399b22cbece1684532f85
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun May 1 01:44:28 2011 +0000

    doc: add Sandbox document

    Rainbows! is a bit bigger than Unicorn and usually requires
    being sandboxed, too.

commit 8c086f095a2f3be0f71829af9037d99c79604a37
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Apr 30 06:56:47 2011 +0000

    lower header buffer sizes for synchronous models

    HTTP headers are usually smaller than 4K, so 16K was way too
    much for most users and often caused unnecessary GC runs.
    EventMachine and Coolio models can all share the same initial
    read buffer, so it's less urgent that they get this lowered for

commit bfb58da95e13f3061feb2c1f284efc80a13ba23c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Apr 30 06:50:17 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn: lower memory usage

    This one actually has a realistic chance of running
    hundreds/thousands of clients, and 32K per-client is
    a huge amount.

commit ca8021d4177e5f7131f88daf6b56402ff39c3a35
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Apr 29 18:14:10 2011 +0000

    epoll: fix timeout

    Epoll#wait and epoll_wait(2) timeouts are in milliseconds,
    not seconds.  This affects xepoll, too.

commit 73ed28f1863d5ae3048a284e25a918255bdafe8a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Apr 29 18:11:04 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn: fix race condition with acceptors

    Noticed under 1.8.7

commit aff36865d5e738babdbf36f34fd0693b67bb3d90
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Apr 29 05:45:44 2011 +0000

    xepoll_thread_spawn: initial implementation

    Whee!  This is going to be awesome.

commit 40cf3eb79054caa4b7d81120a736491aca8259eb
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Apr 28 18:42:46 2011 +0000

    document epoll and xepoll

    They're probably ready for general use in a very limited

commit 6ea50dd6866a7b4eda5134cb2c8980710285e127
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Apr 26 14:04:26 2011 -0700

    doc: stop recommending Fiber* stuff

    Too much NIH and too fragile.

commit 5bd08f7bb06367823412bd3410bcb41babd6d57b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Apr 26 14:00:25 2011 -0700

    revactor: remove documentation for internal methods

commit 00b9b46b2a49ab96f74fd21807ee9c93b218bc2d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Apr 26 13:30:28 2011 -0700

    revactor: do not recommend, upstream is dormant

commit e3c8152e016fe29f76a996b8802df7158c081db0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Apr 26 12:56:20 2011 -0700

    stream_file: hide internals

    No need to expose things that don't need exposing.

commit 012d3e3d1ae9186434efcaa746f25118683fe8b3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Apr 25 19:44:13 2011 -0700

    make all concurrency options use 50 by default

    This may change again in the future, but it
    paves the way for simplifying this code...

commit f6471ed9cafe6e65e72fa9486ecdcc4b2f8d1373
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Apr 21 15:38:20 2011 -0700

    thread_timeout: annotate as much as possible

    This should make code review easier.

commit 63b3b40abf054bce2846bc9e36770a6ed2791a8b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Apr 9 18:58:23 2011 -0700

    increase RLIMIT_NPROC for thread-crazy folks

    Might as well, threads are free and cheap on 64-bit

commit 066bbf930d023ecf61ed4af363aebadbce2c51db
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Apr 8 13:38:11 2011 -0700

    http_server: attempt to increase RLIMIT_NOFILE

    In case people try to do C10K, make life easier for them.

commit e5c4125c348104444714b5111c90016d520461d6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Apr 21 21:22:06 2011 +0000

    thread_timeout: document Thread.pass usage

    Thread-switching sometimes takes too long under YARV, so we
    force a switch since the watchdog thread is lower-priority.

commit 71d48a01a7c257dffa22c10781c55deff64037d2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Apr 21 21:21:13 2011 +0000

    join_threads: workaround blocking accept() issues

    Should be fixed in 1.9.3 and/or future Kgio...

commit 7f368d2cf9e456e37f1489dc275ed0de007175dd
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Apr 21 06:48:46 2011 +0000

    bump dependency to Unicorn 3.6.0

    Might as well use the latest and greatest.

commit 15505863ce2080bdf342930530acc35c0d112df1
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Apr 19 04:35:43 2011 +0000

    http_server: less hacky loading of concurrency model

    Ugh the old way was gross.

commit 367ba00d2f3a4e9a0fa848d076f97f754a9d7cc5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Apr 11 07:54:50 2011 +0000

    t: only enable Revactor tests under 1.9.2 for now

    Revactor doesn't seem to work under 1.9.3dev, and Revactor is
    dead upstream.

commit a1168e7d2bfe182896f139d051ef099616fd1646
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Apr 11 07:53:57 2011 +0000

    epoll: fixes for Ruby 1.9.3dev

commit 321e3dfbd5c4a585c00a8d5221ebdf9b934aaea1
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Apr 11 04:16:31 2011 +0000

    thread_timeout: rewrite for safety

    This attempts to fix all the danger associated with using
    Thread#raise.  Hopefully I succeeded.

    Note: this logic _cannot_ be used to fix the timeout.rb
    module in the Ruby standard library, that one needs to
    allow nested timeouts (which seems impossible).

commit 5170b767ef1bbc94554920959d1792fce43899a9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Apr 10 07:42:31 2011 +0000

    thread_pool: get used of dead thread_join method

    It's in the JoinThreads module now

commit 777beb3e27785d2da2865cb5fc0d43f1c158cb5e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Mar 22 11:08:31 2011 -0700

    queue_pool: switch to ivars to protect internals

commit dd6d5168e4f3dcb4555264265a05e5b61273893d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Mar 22 17:22:00 2011 +0000

    thread_pool+thread_spawn: update documentation

    They're not bad with slow clients a previously thought.

commit 53fdbda1ba1d88e93d662a040fe4c7fb52810155
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Mar 21 02:45:02 2011 +0000

    simplify LISTENERS closing

    No need to obfuscate what it's doing

commit c7e75cfe241a621f50c750720c47149a156e8e7f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Mar 20 03:07:31 2011 +0000

    fix various warnings with "check-warnings" target

    Run under 1.9.3dev

commit d327a0d468e5b5cfb05bb56621fb22d156ce3a40
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Mar 17 09:59:55 2011 +0000 new task for checking Ruby warnings

commit ee9e7886d9101a6376d268a931c645026e9f6b0f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Mar 15 21:44:14 2011 +0000

    fiber/io: fix broken call to Kgio.trywrite

    Fortunately it's a deprecated class that nobody

commit e9cb419a7887fce13fc7b185177c87fc45279383
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Mar 15 12:36:10 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 3.2.0 - trying to send files to slow clients

    We now use IO#trysendfile in the sendfile 1.1.0 to reduce the
    cost of generating backtraces for slow clients (from EAGAIN).
    Nothing new for people not serving static files (but more
    on the way).

    Existing "sendfile" gem users must upgrade to 1.1.0
    or risk being left without sendfile support at all:

commit f550b2ac5cdfedba53564609af19db38c302bbf4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Mar 15 12:35:06 2011 +0000

    bump Unicorn dependency to 3.5.0

    Latest and greatest :D

commit c158f140e6a402278602b3be890c2c1dc494465d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Mar 10 15:22:06 2011 -0800

    doc: update Static_Files for new sendfile gem

    Ugh, and still no usable IO.copy_stream under 1.9.2 :<

commit cd8a874d18fe01e11bb57b91186b6c9f712a4b3f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Mar 10 15:06:10 2011 -0800

    switch from IO#sendfile_nonblock to IO#trysendfile

    IO#trysendfile does not raise exceptions for common EAGAIN
    errors, making it far less expensive to use with the following
    concurrency models:

    * Coolio
    * CoolioFiberSpawn
    * Revactor
    * FiberSpawn
    * FiberPool

    This requires the new sendfile 1.1.0 RubyGem and removes support
    for the sendfile 1.0.0.  All sendfile users must upgrade or be
    left without sendfile(2) support.  IO#sendfile behaves the same
    if you're using a multi-threaded concurrency option, but we
    don't detect nor use it unless IO#trysendfile exists.

commit afea5cd7c691de95b37d29728ab4880e3b737a42
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Mar 8 14:08:43 2011 -0800

    test_isolate: bump dependencies

    New sendfile gem will give us IO#trysendfile.
    We might as well use and test the latest and greatest
    versions of everything else since thats what users
    pull in by default.

commit 85784e1b5fca7bbadc7fb5dba1f100785188954f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Feb 28 03:10:55 2011 +0000

    use IO#wait instead of for single readers

    It's a simpler interface and avoids allocating an array
    which is nice.

commit 829d58c261ba64bb4f512c6591eba2f468df15a6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Feb 16 10:47:27 2011 -0800

    README: clarify license terms and versions

    Ruby 1.9.3dev switched to BSD but we remain under the same terms
    as the old Ruby 1.8 license.  Mongrel2 exists now and also uses
    the BSD, so don't confuse people with that, either.

commit 23be173e2506f8a39d3e7b3097cef4e3b8a31ccc
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 15 09:44:23 2011 -0800

    tests: updates for cramp 0.12

    The Cramp::Controller namespace is gone.

commit 061cb38ee10c431a015276c2cf3db37e5e3e66ef
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 11 10:49:56 2011 +0000

    Rainbows! 3.1.0 - minor updates

    Small bug fixes that have been sitting around, not much but
    it's already been one month since our last release.

    * Unicorn dependency updated to 3.4.0, so we get IPv6 support
      and Kgio.autopush support for ":tcp_nopush => true" users.

    * Optional :pool_size argument is fixed for NeverBlock and
      CoolioThreadPool users.

    * Mostly minor internal code cleanups

    * Sunshowers support removed, it was out-of-date and
      unmaintained.  Cramp remains supported for now.

    * X-Rainbows-* response headers support removed, nobody used it.

    There are severalnew features in this release not documented
    here.  Consider any new features not mentioned in these release
    notes to be subject to removal/renaming in future releases.

commit 93625a24f0b20a89f4ab732c92f76640e387c1a0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 11 11:12:17 2011 +0000 update to the latest

    * Fixes Ruby 1.9.3dev deprecation warnings
    * Fixes some documentation dependency issues

commit 3b3047f2f60a5f9c4f526fe8fcfc0d7897422abb
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 11 10:49:07 2011 +0000

    reverse_proxy: document as "not ready for production"

    Of course some folks believe nothing in Rainbows! is :.

commit 04b8de2cf6c3037c45e60d3720472b09dd23efd5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Feb 7 19:48:46 2011 -0800

    Revert t/bin/unused_listen simplification

    This conflicts with ports clients may automatically use
    in the ephemeral range.

    This reverts commit c9a7560bb684bbdadb641ebc7597303f38c37d4f.

commit 662a146457689110c83bfd18987938475966f454
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Feb 7 19:26:04 2011 -0800

    new test for optional :pool_size handling

    This will help prevent us from breaking :pool_size in the

commit a34b1048d05397f72ad579fcef72cbb1a9e9d8bc
Author: Graham Hughes <>
Date:   Mon Feb 7 16:49:31 2011 -0800

    fix optional "use" argument handling

    Actually use the Rainbows::O constant for use

    [ew: rewritten commit message subject]

    Acked-by: Eric Wong <>

commit b7d974960b58d732149d5fabf870b2332b6877f7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Feb 7 18:52:51 2011 -0800

    gemspec: remove unnecessary statements

    No need for these

commit 40871775044a88662b9593d86a631755ca516bab
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Feb 7 18:51:50 2011 -0800

    doc: rdoc cleanups and fixes

    Don't need to document things that aren't ready, yet.

commit 53bac4f65d9430495c8043b239cc936012ea7a8d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Feb 6 06:19:09 2011 +0000

    minimize &block usage for yield

    No need to allocate a proc every time when we can just
    yield much more efficiently.

commit 44eb53f5a5f1ea2e5aee93d0caf995f42b3179f7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Feb 6 01:42:31 2011 +0000

    kill some unnecessary &block usage

    We were needlessly allocating objects even when using yield.

commit 90a86c9822238f01e8d60c9303b9a0da64351c7f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Feb 5 10:44:52 2011 +0000

    *epoll: refactor common loop code

    acceptor thread pools could use some work, still

commit c9ca82c76f1eb0e06b0aa204a243d00f382579c5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Feb 5 10:11:56 2011 +0000

    *epoll: consolidate re-run logic

    There's a lot of code duplication here :<

commit d8e3edadd128a2ee5712b87a6b660295de2df6be
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Feb 5 09:22:05 2011 +0000

    writer_thread_pool: needless use of Array#map

    Array#each will do..

commit fa7a282502c253ad3203f28bb10eede8b3a3cd3e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Feb 5 09:06:37 2011 +0000

    less expensive QUIT processing

    Avoid constantly nuking the method cache and raising
    repeated exceptions while our master process is shutting
    us down.

commit 723ca7b440b1cf161d999aedcfadba8498adaa7c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Feb 5 08:46:40 2011 +0000

    http_server: kill a warning

    Ugh, I need to think of a way to clean this up...

commit 7246d2f2d1601dbb5486ce7f9ddbebd1bb975b58
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 20:39:41 2011 -0800

    bump required Unicorn dependency for Kgio

    We want to use the singleton methods in Kgio to reduce

commit e00c2e8c53ad5b47baa5bc6a8765b7c3c92296b9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 18:59:18 2011 -0800

    bump wrongdoc development dependency

    1.5 is nicer than older versions

commit 8e2e8adda8adbadee8ab31cde700b7e486b1154c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 18:58:26 2011 -0800

    rename XAcceptEpoll to XEpoll

    It's too long especially since XEpollThreadPool is planned :>

commit 0f4f015737297ac5245d0be9ee83553770ade0a9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 15:05:25 2011 -0800

    test_isolate: use latest Unicorn

    It supports IPv6 and pulls in a better Kgio.  Since Unicorn
    defaults to ":tcp_nopush => true", we need to flip it back
    to false to be compatible with the types of apps Rainbows!
    is targetted as.

commit f015a843fcfa120286628ec75829575ee2391380
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 17:48:34 2011 -0800

    tests: replace several sed invocations with ed

    ed can do in-place editing portably, unlike sed.

commit 82579a5f20531e69eb40e6a58a931b6c5f77d548
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 15:06:23 2011 -0800

    reverse_proxy: small reorganization

    Put all of our constants in one place for easy reference

commit d20bb75518669444ad65fffe4c6e5d2654436193
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 15:01:03 2011 -0800

    reverse_proxy: properly read IPv6 addreses in upstreams

    Yes it's fugly

commit ba9a22b6926db058199d44a626b923376c8a850f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 22:38:31 2011 +0000

    epoll: handle EINTR properly in Ruby-space

    We can't work around it effectively in the C extension
    itself.  This requires the latest sleepy_penguin gem.

commit da93ad1c07ff9deb4d3a2e765b26f87ccf68aa23
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 05:41:14 2011 +0000

    test_isolate: only load sleepy_penguin under Linux

    It's Linux-only, after all

commit c9a7560bb684bbdadb641ebc7597303f38c37d4f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Feb 4 04:20:15 2011 +0000

    t/bin/unused_listen: simplify this

    Binding to a random port is much easier this way

commit 130d086666ccd825fcb13cf02fcf941b8fe661af
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Feb 1 15:05:52 2011 -0800

    preliminary reverse proxy Rack application

    This can be a starting point for developing or
    EventMachine-based reverse proxy applications on Rainbows!

    Eventually Rainbows! could replace nginx for Unicorn users!
    Just don't consider this code production ready, yet, at all,
    it doesn't handle any sort of failover and has no automated
    tests, yet.

commit 9bf406655a84090426a62ab60677df529e408f17
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 31 14:21:18 2011 -0800

    coolio/client: on_write_complete triggers read

    This allows us to more aggressively handle pipelining
    as well as trigger future Kgio autopush behavior.

commit 5cbe276ef1e797aef77e7401593f4a7827c37fe3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 27 12:52:15 2011 -0800

    test for client_max_body_size being zero

    Some users never, ever accept uploads, so we should test
    for it.

commit 7d623489dd51667e0a2eec9d44aec57cb4c5ba44
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 26 17:42:55 2011 +0000

    epoll/client: avoid unnecessary Epoll#set calls

    We should only attempt to modify the descriptor when we
    block, and not for subsequent events.

commit bc8a71ea4fee6e4ed35dad245511508ac0b7bf4b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 26 17:40:01 2011 +0000

    GNUmakefile: only enable epoll-based models in Linux

    epoll is Linux-only right now.  kqueue probably isn't worth
    supporting directly (and even direct epoll support is debatable
    given the current GVL situation)

commit 667b05819b85165061c445fb2c75ef161a5de5b6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 24 20:04:20 2011 -0800

    initial XAcceptEpoll concurrency model

    Edge-triggered epoll concurrency model with blocking accept() in
    a (hopefully) native thread.  This is recommended over Epoll for
    Ruby 1.9 users as it can workaround accept()-scalability issues
    on multicore machines.

commit 9f7f497dc21d904a1af20465318d85811daf0652
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 24 17:13:14 2011 -0800

    epoll/client: thread-safety for write queuing

    We're living on the EDGE and mixing epoll with threads :D

commit 04b8649b3750a0002094e90a62f7566059c8a4e9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 24 17:00:51 2011 -0800

    epoll: make Epoll.quit more reusable

    We'll be using this more in the future

commit 85ccfbc75abc78f977583db6303e3fb270fd2ec9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 24 13:20:23 2011 -0800

    neverblock: fix app_call under 1.8.7

    super doesn't seem to capture arguments inside a block
    under 1.8.7 :<

commit 9e146021e17056976e61d824d228922bf81a4f24
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 24 11:47:43 2011 -0800

    clear LISTENERS array on close

    No reason to keep it around

commit 6f6a95b6e3b4f76278cd19b787c8487453dae4d4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 22:56:29 2011 -0800

    epoll/client: minor optimization

    We know @wr_queue is empty since we just initialized it
    and the first thing an HTTP client does is read.

commit 01fbc4a7f2fd5b751b9183d11aa74aadaffd145b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 17:34:21 2011 -0800

    ev_core: force input to be given to app_call

    No need to setting an ivar for most requests

commit 9719da13b8aabeabbf2eebc37f127e88550c3121
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 17:27:25 2011 -0800

    epoll/client: factor out on_close method

    We'll override it, maybe...

commit 97d8f9b49e3f4637c7c573a971cdbc54b5698dce
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 17:10:00 2011 -0800

    epoll/client: remove unused client

    We don't do Level-Triggered I/O around here

commit cc08315b7821cf7178d233451fd6bbe84eb90dcc
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 15:34:15 2011 -0800

    extract common tasks to to simplify our makefile

commit fb24ca8f30edbf5086dbe288d4dd4fa213684236
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 15:11:16 2011 -0800

    epoll: reduce expiration calls and Time objects

    We'll lower our precision for keepalive timeouts a little
    and and reduce our Time object allocation rate.

commit 43d6ec33c3dd7497e27127adfffeb94722fd4b8d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 15:08:07 2011 -0800

    ev_core: garbage reduction

    We don't need to allocate new string objects for short-lived
    strings.  We'll pay the price of a constant lookup instead.

commit 247ce76b4aabfa42157b9cbf9ebae824819cfff6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 13:21:07 2011 -0800

    epoll: use newer sleepy_penguin

    We can eliminate the State module to simplify our code
    since 1.3.x keeps better track of things.

commit b33ab73a984660ab2d741b32725ab21d7860bef3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 13:50:12 2011 -0800

    max_body: disable for epoll

    It's almost just like Coolio

commit 6750d3b50a9d4e66cbdb3b3ce295a1f16a54c678
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 12:35:05 2011 -0800

    doc: => is slimming down and losing URL weight :)

commit 805f0eba4f63d0c9020708e1122f64776933c06f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 21 00:16:57 2011 -0800

    epoll: use sleepy_penguin default size for epoll_wait

    It was based off the nginx window of 64 events.  Not that
    any servers are really that busy...

commit 1b024d48169442a5498d490699ea1eee41563587
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 15:27:46 2011 -0800

    epoll: close epoll descriptor on graceful shutdown

    This allows us to gracefully shutdown more quickly.

commit ea4a01df8b1fa29e2088816f4734bb0073eb9380
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 22:15:12 2011 +0000

    remove support for Sunshowers

    The WebSocket protocol is still undergoing changes and unused.
    We won't waste time supporting it until it's finalized and
    doesn't break HTTP.

commit 7ec2e407206036a993aadbcd39b13a2d86b7a288
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 13:26:59 2011 -0800

    epoll: ignore ECONNRESET errors

    Nothing we can do about that from clients.  Perhaps kgio
    should just return nil for those...

commit 7ad4e300c29b06fd53aca9f9bad18f97f9a34633
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 20:32:24 2011 +0000

    ev_core: simplify setup steps

    ev_core is always loaded after forking, so eliminate the
    need for extra setup steps for each concurrency model that
    uses it

commit 72cbecfe01b8c4b2c7bb7e362401805374036dc2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 02:28:12 2011 -0800

    merge rack_input into process_client

    It turns out to be less-used than previous anticipated,
    so there's no point in having yet another module.

commit ed33b9c0d060806b41e952a50e0ab65a0f5fe21a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 02:20:19 2011 -0800

    ev_core: localize 413 error constant

    It's the only place we ever use it

commit e0ad4353f0c0f8ae27301df3e694384f687a4264
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 02:16:04 2011 -0800

    remove unused 416 error constants/exceptions

    We handle that locally in rainbows/response now

commit fa0b3774dd9cd73331e83b3517c37964ab265074
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 02:13:38 2011 -0800

    dev_fd_response: garbage reduction

    Constant strings mean the runtime won't have to allocate new
    objects all the time since GC is currently the biggest
    performance problem of Ruby 1.9.x in my experience.

commit fc355db99bdbe72644e4691a7a107b6a29c77be6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 18:07:13 2011 -0800

    dev_fd_response: do not send chunks to 1.0 clients

    chunked Transfer-Encoding is only valid for HTTP/1.1

commit d59ea817d624478176212f27bb79976c371a9c6f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 17:47:37 2011 -0800

    t0035: kgio-pipe-response works everywhere

    Or at least it should :)

commit 5d5d31e7ed12a232e405a8456d08e974ac74299a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 17:46:52 2011 -0800

    t0023: use skip_models helper

    we need to get in the habit of using this more

commit 1a449c8abafbb17f9e7c2d68363957c80dc1ab86
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 16:23:54 2011 -0800

    remove support for X-Rainbows-* headers

    We guarantee the Rack env will exist for the duration of
    the request/response cycle, so we can just tweak

commit 9424b13255a238dfa44952ebeb07bea3acee999c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 15:06:10 2011 -0800

    initial edge-triggered epoll model

    Coolio and EventMachine only use level-triggered epoll,
    but being Rainbows!, we live on the EDGE!

commit 7a04133c1ab57923cac8a9de04b00bfe89bcce2d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 19 02:58:43 2011 +0000

    tests: content-md5 tests shut down connection

    This makes content-md5 tests much faster since we
    no longer wait for the server to to timeout.

commit 810701d939114a5fcdacc55ec383de112c5e3fa4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 17 03:42:33 2011 +0000

    ev_core: reuse buffer to avoid GC thrashing

    Single-threaded concurrency models can reuse a single
    buffer to avoid thrashing memory and causing unnecessary
    GC activity.

commit c7f4ade8edcfa7422d41c4272250b292b141b427
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 14 18:51:54 2011 +0000

    t0050: improve test reliability

    normal signals can get lost easily :<

commit 18db44fe89b8ba61f21b92f6efece37baa8bd6c7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 14 18:49:58 2011 +0000

    tests: bump rack-fiber_pool version to 0.9.1

    We always try to track the latest and greatest.  We've also
    updated the test to actually test concurrency since
    rack-fiber_pool reuses recent fibers now.

commit 2eb58a62a5e738c287db8239f4f4e8d1d02ed328
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 11 16:43:10 2011 -0800

    Rainbows! 3.0.0 - serving the fastest apps to slow clients faster!

    There is one incompatible change: We no longer assume application
    authors are crazy and use strangely-cased headers for "Content-Length",
    "Transfer-Encoding", and "Range".  This allows us to avoid the
    case-insensitivity of Rack::Utils::HeaderHash for a speed boost on the
    few apps that already serve thousands of requests/second per-worker.

    :Coolio got "async.callback" support like :EventMachine, but it
    currently lacks EM::Deferrables which would allow us to call
    "succeed"/"fail" callbacks.  This means only one-shot response writes
    are supported.

    There are numerous internal code cleanups and several bugfixes for
    handling partial static file responses.

commit 9caff8ecc7912306366cebb9c57b65ab12fde5ad
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 11 16:36:08 2011 -0800

    add write-on-close test from Unicorn

    We need to ensure this esoteric feature keeps working for some

commit 89f948aeaef34114ec61291ff8ffbebcf85a748e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 11 16:01:20 2011 -0800

    event_machine: buffer reads when waiting for async.callback

    We cannot trigger on_read events and invoke the HTTP parser and
    modify @env while we're waiting for an application to run
    async.callback.  We also need to clear (and *maybe* re-set)
    @deferred if we're writing from async.callback

commit 0515dee246536cb3942f51f8d264737f106d3985
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 11 15:46:56 2011 -0800

    event_machine/client: rename ivar for consistency with Coolio

    Both use @deferred to refer to the state where there's a
    deferred response body in the queue.

commit f9256a6897645e709753f37b723ed1c6388c0c84
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 11 15:44:57 2011 -0800

    event_machine/client: remove unused :body accessor

    Nobody uses it anymore

commit 69d8ec2f167eb99a1efec4a770ba5951e7c366f0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Jan 10 18:07:21 2011 -0800

    coolio: enable async.callback for one-shot body responses

    The lack of an equivlent to EM::Deferrable prevents us from
    doing streaming/trickling responses, but a one-shot body
    should work fine for Coolio and generating dynamic responses.

commit bf6eb8f1f79ed57ee317b2e6f73c70a59708739f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 18:16:27 2011 -0800

    rainbows/coolio/client: set LOOP constant in module

    It's more natural and easier to maintain this way
    since Coolio::Client is always lazy loaded.

commit 4747aa0d07950b9abbb036bc02491c4639dc9f80
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 17:10:46 2011 -0800

    coolio/client: small optimizations

    * lazy load uncommon classes: StreamFile, Response{Chunk,}Pipe
    * remove needless rainbows/coolio/sendfile module since we're
      lazily loaded now along with the rest of rainbows/coolio/client
      and only in the worker.

commit 37ec9ef3272931f42b4b0bb3f04a3855a8702a05
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 18:06:54 2011 -0800

    coolio_thread_*: lazy load Rainbows::Coolio::Client

    We don't want that loaded in the parent process since
    we want config reloadability.

commit f6d448bc21c3bde3ab39b55664722b40f5801c20
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 18:05:28 2011 -0800

    redirect unexpected test output to /dev/null

    We check the return code anyways, and spewing random binary
    data to the terminal with verbosity on is not a good idea.

commit 25c9cf0d8420a971840297d9ca62e7dd9c05b09e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 17:07:48 2011 -0800

    event_machine: fold write_response back into client

    No point in having too many modules to search around
    (for both hackers and the runtime).

commit 7e4a7225dbd01df27a6b3ec44e53c013b889a724
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 16:12:26 2011 -0800

    event_machine: cleanup async logic

    Since we support keepalive now, setting @state can be
    harmful and the comment is out-of-date.

commit 9d2fdee38f990e44b3a232c27f51287173e60e91
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 15:49:02 2011 -0800

    ev_core: small organization cleanup

    We want to put all constants in one place.

commit 63c32b35cccd5f2358565f828db240200e8bffa7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 15:47:33 2011 -0800

    more consistent use/avoidance of HeaderHash

    Rack::Utils::HeaderHash is still expensive, so avoid
    forcing it on users since we can assume app/library
    authors use normally-cased HTTP headers.

commit 58dbf0952b94b01d4a434fa880755f9a320c6103
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 10:27:30 2011 -0800

    favor Hash#include? for some existence checks

    Hash#[] is slightly slower on the miss case due to calling
    Hash#default (but faster for the hit case, probably because it
    is inlined in 1.9).

commit 2d2416daa554dd530b5f2cfeffe3e0e31505c824
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 11:59:42 2011 -0800

    test_isolate: bump versions and simplify

    We can't possibly keep track of all sub-dependencies,
    so only declare primary dependencies until we find
    a known problem with a sub-dependency.

commit fbedef35186609f9e1cdedaa3a9d2a016423fe82
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 11:55:12 2011 -0800

    test_isolate: prevent concurrent execution

    I realize this lock overly covers different versions of
    Ruby, but it's simple and we don't need to invoke isolate
    too often (we hope).

commit efbdc44a5a301e5ea16d5135afaa9cda3a33f5d3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 11:54:35 2011 -0800

    tests: bump async_sinatra dependency to 0.4.0

    It's out and it works, so why not.

commit f1893ae9786db250fd95def1cf958f2351cb84c5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 11:47:05 2011 -0800

    bump dependency on Rack to 1.2.1

    We need to split out Cramp tests to Isolate to a
    different path, which sucks, but oh well.  Cramp
    hasn't had a release in a while...

commit 360ba90a9a50b5aabd1c65d51034c7ebe77e36ef
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 10:20:24 2011 -0800

    response: do not skip Status header set by app

    Rack::Lint already stops apps from using it.  If a developer
    insists on it, then users who inspect their HTTP headers can
    point and laugh at them for not using Rack::Lint!

commit c162bd4d620bc1421f104d9d0dfba21fb9b43068
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 10:10:20 2011 -0800

    response: fix skipping of Status: header from app

    We already set a Status: header by default for compatibility
    with some existing, broken libraries out there.

commit b788a0f1eedfb358f9d57f40cec6ba0960dea3fe
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Jan 7 10:02:52 2011 -0800

    ev_core: garbage reduction with const strings

    Reading headers is common and we don't want to create new String
    objects (even if they're tiny or copy-on-write) for the GC to
    munch on.

commit 370fb8c7811704ed65384f599b52ac1b6d0c36c9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 18:01:36 2011 -0800

    event_machine: refactor async.callback for keepalive

    async.callback will be useful with Coolio (and more!) soon, so
    ensure it works as well as the rest of Rainbows!

commit 2cb26ba8084cd37996330616b885de1c780d848e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 17:39:11 2011 -0800

    event_machine: factor out async.callback handling

    This will allow Coolio to use it, too.

commit 31a93152c8977f31045bd182ae99df4ebd088abf
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 17:18:05 2011 -0800

    minor cleanups following state cleanups

    We noticed a few more things that could be cleaned
    up after the last commit.

commit 6bde32081338ce8075854f4c47ce8ca5347df919
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 17:06:20 2011 -0800

    eliminate G constant and just use the Rainbows! module

    Code organization is hard :<

commit d6e4975937a9590f48dc39b1a4aefa9d62f34616
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:38:46 2011 -0800

    rainbows.rb: unindent

commit ea6831e1eaeeb862afa7ed9213e2d9bc0180e706
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:33:04 2011 -0800

    eliminate timed_read module

    No need to split it out when there's only a single
    class using it.

commit ed7669ced3aba5c0ba6f5fbee9411546b32c96df
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:29:53 2011 -0800

    simplify keepalive_timeout accounting

    Easier just to use an instance variable

commit 4060b7742d047c0000fd1bf4ac2c3b9cae95585a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:19:17 2011 -0800

    disable Nagle's algorithm by default

    Nagle's algorithm is harmful with the write-write-read sequence
    during keepalive, so we disable it performance for users using
    keepalive.  We always write headers with a separate write
    because Rack response bodies may not always be ready for writing
    when headers are.

    This requires Unicorn 3.3.0

commit 9b6679ec50ecd184fccd195bd14bda3c6ea2070f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:15:29 2011 -0800

    simplify Rainbows.max_bytes implementation

    Yes, I'm still learning Ruby.

commit 950b4ba1454543de492efffdf4022f481ca7e4c2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:14:07 2011 -0800

    response: use optimized httpdate implementation

    Believe it or not, Time#httpdate showed up at the top
    of my profiler output for the past couple of years now.
    I guess that's what happens when all HTTP applications
    I write are less complex than Rack::Lobster :P

commit 4768850390bb1d1e3c2e36273e9aad953e18de19
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 16:08:09 2011 -0800

    Bump unicorn dependency to 3.3.0

    This means we can remove in the next commit

commit e8ae2e483e75ad163212cc8d3a7107eb2a014a9c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 10:56:50 2011 -0800

    response: allow normal Hash for crafting Range headers

    HeaderHash is quite expensive, and Rack::File currently
    uses a regular Ruby Hash with properly-cased headers the
    same way they're presented in rfc2616.

commit 16b24c86cecec0697b35ac321cddd500bc9cfdea
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 10:54:45 2011 -0800

    tests: ensure 416 responses do keepalive

    This is useful for clients that specify a bad range,
    we can preserve the connection for them to specify
    a good response.

commit 89e1f00cd540bca54c2cbcb7d9b6cad5e0e3cf34
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 10:22:11 2011 -0800

    send proper 416 responses

    416 responses without a body should respond with a zero
    Content-Length and a Content-Range that allows clients
    to specify a proper range in the future.

    rfc2616, section 14.16 says:
    > A server sending a response with status code 416 (Requested
    > range not satisfiable) SHOULD include a Content-Range field
    > with a byte-range- resp-spec of "*". The instance-length
    > specifies the current length of the selected resource.

commit 429e9948d91fa159c2daa9944a5026cebb78bade
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 4 18:13:45 2011 -0800

    writer_thread_pool: remove unnecesary debug messages


commit 104f7bd76696e42c0b8a97f3780cabea9a7dd44c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 4 17:12:22 2011 -0800

    prefer Hash#merge! to Hash#update for consistency

    It's more likely to be in the method cache since Rack::URLMap
    uses it and also is more consistent when looking at profiling
    output against various concurrency models.

commit e21939d776673b2f8887adf7a5c64812b7d2e98e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:33:15 2010 +0000

    globally refactor Range handling for responses

    Rack::Utils::HeaderHash is still very expensive in Rack 1.2,
    especially for simple things that we want to run as fast as
    possible with minimal interference.  HeaderHash is unnecessary
    for most requests that do not send Content-Range in responses.

commit 4a76da1833922c74e147be5def9bfe04fd0c16a2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:28 2010 +0000

    coolio: rename deferred_response => response_pipe

    For consistency with the EventMachine code

commit ed28feabd79697cb27722036622aeca1fbf0723d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:27 2010 +0000

    event_machine: cleanup response_pipe

    No need to pass unnecessary variables to response_pipe,
    just let the client handle it all.

commit c38bc88363d4c4f5f639540ca86f4dd1225df79e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:26 2010 +0000

    refactor response sendfile body handling for easier debugging

    Unique method names makes it easier to follow code and determine
    where our methods come from.

commit 1a03f9a525faf4c997546c419de6854223b645c4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:25 2010 +0000

    t9000: disable this test for CoolioThread* models

    It's not appropriate to use AppPool middleware with
    these.  It was disabled for RevThread*, too.

commit 72a315441937f9e0531112f2b7080da39ca6064d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:24 2010 +0000

    simplify per-client keepalive state checks

    This lets us simplify repetitive checks worry less about
    properly maintaining/closing client connections for each
    concurrency model we support.

commit 1f28534fce2b30bf3099ea0d014b62ac4a3205f0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:23 2010 +0000

    coolio/master: small garbage reduction

    Creating unnecessary string objects for every response
    is not a good idea.

commit a471d10cd793c4dc7182b4e588a21d6ac7c41de7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:22 2010 +0000

    return 206 status for partial sendfile responses

    Although curl did not complain, 206 is the correct error
    code for partial HTTP responses.

commit dc77752eb7bfe528c60dc0ac028717877342e22a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:21 2010 +0000

    coolio_thread_*: fix 416 response handling

    After beefing up and enabling byte range tests for "sendfile"
    (and no just IO.copy_stream), we noticed threaded-Coolio
    variants did not handle invalid byte ranges correctly.

commit 5c5aea99a57d07c1d0e0ea471b62acf2852526c7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 08:32:20 2010 +0000

    t0022: fix up broken/incomplete tests

    Tests for checking the Content-Range were totally broken,
    but fortunately the code itself works.

commit 0e7d1a8b2923a20c452a300a48d25f7224b0b35b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Jan 4 16:18:46 2011 -0800

    *gemspec: fix build, we have no unit tests

commit 558abace15eefb06163b741cc7090893d532fb1d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 29 09:29:13 2010 +0000

    Packaging cleanups, reinstate generated files for the tarball

commit 074b2ddc09517274b058a68fd1d40c59e35ca3a5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 29 09:03:37 2010 +0000

    Rakefile: fix fm_update task


commit e98836e165fa46b67fc57adc1ce59620f4f3fc4d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 29 02:13:04 2010 +0000

    Rainbows! 2.1.0 -, bugfixes and more! (new version of Rev) support is explicitly added
    (it always worked before).  ":Coolio" may be used in place
    of ":Rev" anywhere in your Rainbows! config file.

    There is a new "keepalive_requests" config directive to limit
    the number of requests a single connection may make (default:
    100, same as nginx).  This may be useful for better
    load-balancing characteristics.

    The old "Rev" prefixes remain supported as long as
    remains compatible with Rev (likely forever).

    Bug fixes:

    * Rainbows::ThreadTimeout middleware with multiple clients
    * large, pipelined upload errors with Revactor+Coolio(Rev)
    * high CPU usage for maintaining idle keepalive on *Fiber*
    * needless ThreadPool wakeups
    * request env prematurely cleared keepalive requests,
      breaking some middlewares such as Clogger.
    * "close" not called on body if wrapper and sendfile used together

    Various code cleanups, and our RDoc website is JavaScript-free.
    See the ChangeLog or git for all changes.

commit 40445641f11f01c6a24bf96c8b80eed5fd33a512
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Dec 28 17:59:27 2010 -0800

    complete Rev => Coolio renaming

    We use internally everywhere now, but preserve
    Rev-based models for anybody using them.

commit 3495d59763e6159975debf32728dc53fc41c5ea1
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 20:25:39 2010 -0800

    several response body#close fixes

    Some middlewares require the Rack env to be preserved all
    the way through to close, so we'll ensure all request models
    preserve it.

    We also need to better response body wrappers/proxies always get
    fired properly when returning.  IO.copy_stream and "sendfile"
    gem users could hit cases where wrappers did not fire properly.

commit 53afe0b23fc67c5b25541cddbd68f905c649e756
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Dec 28 06:54:06 2010 +0000

    dev_fd_response: pass files straight through

    No need to wrap regular files

commit 46d79be0ad3de48ef0a677537becb3508ccad31e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Dec 28 01:14:43 2010 +0000

    enable the keepalive_requests config option

    This will allow servers to limit the number of keepalive
    requests that can be made over a single connection to
    prevent denial-of-service and also to improve fairness
    in load-balancing.

commit ef66567984780b2ce8daa155c367bcf7e049ab77
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 23:25:12 2010 +0000

    coolio*: favor Coolio over Rev

    We still use and define Rev internally, but that's
    mostly just manual labor of converting stuff over.

commit 728496a31f34234b46d7025a23933aa06dd824f5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 13:10:57 2010 -0800

    coolio_fiber_spawn: decrease CPU usage for keepalive

    Blindly resuming fibers every second is a waste of cycles, we
    can use the ZZ hash in regular FiberSpawn to resume expired
    fibers on an as-needed basis.

    While we're at it, merge the keepalive-timeout class into the
    heartbeat, there's no reason to have separate timers and
    classes here.

commit 0766c1eb631190ee514a90e4d20a941f0a310054
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 13:10:56 2010 -0800

    t0019: add CPU usage test

    This requires manual verification :<

commit d430bc3a481f897b4f515d5b7d0a0e239f8d2bb2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 13:10:55 2010 -0800

    test-lib: fix bug in setting worker_connections

    We need to be able to set this with keepalive_timeout

commit 4e7ee4b8a451edf78b0eeac47b8a24c591986e91
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 13:10:54 2010 -0800

    t0015: even less racy fix

    We need to ensure the first worker has started and is
    running before attempting to signal the reload.

commit 2b85ea421197af84a13f6062b21ddcf61490ebcf
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 08:57:31 2010 +0000

    doc: misc cleanups and additions for RDoc

    This is also our website, so we need to document the new concurrency options for users and point
    existing Rev* users to it.

commit 87a38d1a5658938a3540b45ab04cc85a9135c8f0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 07:45:28 2010 +0000

    t0015: increase reliability of test

    The worker process may fork before the original process
    is killed during daemonization.

commit 3a250fcfb9fcfa0ab3a8105821e670563025faa4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 07:18:49 2010 +0000

    initial support is the new name for Rev.  We'll continue to support Rev
    until breaks backwards compatibility.  Rev may not be
    supported if is.

commit 2873361069dc2f8c793875316a0a2c9b8fa54761
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 04:23:34 2010 +0000

    fiber/io: avoid allocating Range objects for slicing

    It's slightly faster this way, but string slicing sucks
    anyways :<

commit 40c22b3f0a2ace6e4b51a39624ac5ed5ee3d0162
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 03:56:30 2010 +0000

    fiber/*: more efficient keepalive_timeout expiry

    We can use the same interface as Rainbows::Fiber.sleep to avoid
    blindly waking up readers at ever scheduler invocation.

commit abb3f7e057bd5fb0aa97cae1410ce2f55ba12b9c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 03:01:47 2010 +0000

    fiber/base: use bare "select" where possible

    Less visual noise

commit 2d25a86d1d17bd966eea59e5666e41d9da562811
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:59:10 2010 +0000

    thread_pool: avoid needless wakeups from select

    No point in waking up when our ticker runs in a separate

commit a3d3d13711869d420b4473d492bd788ebe493053
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:58:31 2010 +0000

    thread_*: unindent

    Hopefully this will make our code easier to follow.

commit 94b848a8f9120bce8b0abd776b1a9b7e2f4fa30d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:43:44 2010 +0000

    introduce worker_yield method

    This lets Rainbows! yield the current worker process
    when busy in the hopes another worker will pick up the
    slack.  We can also override this for the single worker
    process case later if people care enough.

commit a310302708faa19042282e94525544cfbb23eba5
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:36:58 2010 +0000

    writer_thread_spawn: factor out Client.quit

    Self-documenting code is easier to follow

commit 6ae020c9ac483d822902b5d33f038f79b44d3a50
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:30:58 2010 +0000

    writer_thread_*: split out classes into separate files

    Use a consistent "Client" naming to reduce confusion

commit e7d295fd8e3628eba7a1ba52e95b7dee11532e98
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:20:00 2010 +0000

    writer_thread_*: split out common socket_proxy code

    Needless duplication sucks

commit 7f2cb1b56afda847c29e1e65fe0608a6f20a0fe6
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 27 02:13:32 2010 +0000

    writer_thread_*: unindent

commit a5ff497e57bc6e8793c38bdd94ea9f1cfefd17fd
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 23:54:49 2010 +0000

    revactor: split out tee_socket and use autoload

    Some applications never need TeeSocket, and we don't have
    to worry about thread-safety with Revactor.

commit c4d92b384dd3f926fa12eb704eeef663a9cb7b66
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 23:52:43 2010 +0000

    more :: prefix elimination

    This should make things easier on the eyes.

commit 2e131bfd21f5ec5acc3c86233e5e292cec7aa67d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 23:52:02 2010 +0000

    fiber/queue: unindent

    This also cleans up some constant resolution for the root
    Fiber class.

commit 712ef17547291fed37e79d37d0b6e0128ed43e0d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 23:41:51 2010 +0000

    remove unnecessary "::" constant prefixing

    It's ugly to look at.

commit 6733af0546a759b73fd63880e8ef2549caf4c4f2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 23:16:41 2010 +0000

    never_block: simplify and split out code

    alias_method is a mess, super is superb!

commit 20e8d57127f16da8e4242582dee3b99d54cbb729
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 23:12:18 2010 +0000

    event_machine: split out server and client classes

    This should make things easier to find

commit a50c9d312b9d5274a95f2816b5f53a3738d0cb92
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 22:48:33 2010 +0000

    rev_thread_*: unindent and split out

    This should make classes easier to find and hopefully make
    our code easier to follow.

commit 6741aa27e4c35724b5306644d3a391fce415b0c7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 21:46:46 2010 +0000

    rainbows/rev/* require/autoload cleanup

    One line of code saved!  We'll also avoid loading
    DeferredChunkResponse which is rarely needed
    (unlike DeferredResponse).

commit 869e0d5da8cbe8959983ed66e2b4c31dc7a37d92
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 21:40:34 2010 +0000

    rename rev/thread => rev/thread_client

    While we're at it, unindent

commit c1655a501fc26f7100dd788b42a1914be833fea4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 21:33:21 2010 +0000

    rev_thread_spawn: disable under Ruby 1.8

    It still burns CPU at the first sign of doing anything
    interesting, so stop it.  Ruby 1.9 is the future :P

commit fb7d5dbf06f8ce92a23b50a0cc45be3e7b55fccd
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 21:27:08 2010 +0000

    GNUmakefile: fix packaging task


commit 7bfd7995fd403f80940e3f6ac36f9ae58b7040cb
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 03:30:36 2010 +0000

    avoid HttpParser#keepalive? and HttpParser#reset

    The HttpParser#next? method will come with keepalive protection
    for Rainbows!, which can prevent clients from monopolizing a
    server with excessive pipelining/keepalive requests.

commit 92a11cdfe00c5e551388c2cc1a62bfc59d568c6f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 09:50:06 2010 +0000

    bump Unicorn dependency

    Unicorn 3.2.1 gives us an improved HttpParser#next? that
    preserves state until the next HttpParser#parse call.

commit 17156f6f561c6d697a83e3b9beae2d58eb796428
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 03:29:16 2010 +0000

    rainbows/rev/*: uninident some more

    This makes constant resolution more predictable, we hope.

commit 68accc9930b0653b702553790d4ccd626a8dfdfe
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 03:09:47 2010 +0000

    rev: split out Rainbows::Rev::Server

    One file per class/module should be easier for new
    hackers to find.  Unindent rainbows/rev/core while
    we're at it, too.

commit a35fd37ff0c81ca8130c18b7b77957bafe686f83
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 03:00:11 2010 +0000

    rev: unindent, needless autoload

    Deferred* classes will get loaded anyways since
    Rainbows::Rev::Client hit them in case statements.

commit 43e3d3f7a8dd2b184c8485469c2acff3dac34009
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Dec 24 08:52:55 2010 +0000

    doc: switch documentation generation to wrongdoc

    It is a common base so we can share documentation tasks
    more easily with Unicorn and it ensures our RDoc no longer
    has JavaScript in it!

commit 7e0dc42f7084e1719456a80b2e44049133c2e8b7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 20 00:54:17 2010 +0000

    thread_timeout: fix bad comparison

    This was causing unrelated requests to get killed every
    +timeout+ seconds, instead of only the ones that were
    running too long.


commit 886e0a006d9e8e9c586beae28ed4dc5097064e90
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Dec 20 03:41:48 2010 +0000

    thread_timeout: avoid a threading bug under 1.9

    Because of the lack of GVL-releasing syscalls in this branch
    of the thread loop, we need Thread.pass to ensure other threads
    get scheduled appropriately under 1.9.  This is likely a threading
    bug in 1.9 that warrants further investigation when we're in a
    better mood.

commit 7e2bb251228a30c0d4e66029b20bbbf85bc99a09
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Dec 14 18:36:34 2010 -0800

    FAQ: add a note about config.threadsafe!

    At least one user ran into it:

commit 2bb3f8fd600bd0aabe5e4d7c3d1f99d745fc8f49
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 9 17:14:04 2010 -0800

    respect client_body_buffer_size in Unicorn 3.1.0

    This is only needed for concurrency options that
    do not use TeeInput, since TeeInput automatically
    handles this for us.

commit af3629e6bd88b5744016a1c6217c00c37ef5a376
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 9 14:42:18 2010 -0800

    bump Unicorn dependency to 3.1.0

    We'll be taking advantage of configurable
    client_buffer_body_size soon.

commit 7b51a4b5e16734bae6fe60d180c3906f96235da4
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 9 14:22:16 2010 -0800

    thread_timeout: de-Struct-ify

    Avoid exposing internals, it's also slightly faster to
    access ivars directly rather than using method calls.

commit 6b750f5f952963009a2e6e8702fc8f3d8adc94ea
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 8 18:35:27 2010 -0800

    respect "rewindable_input false" in Unicorn config

    This was completely overlooked for the Rainbows 2.0.x

commit 10d96a76a1ea4431dd10ba181d747169c22c1cec
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 8 13:38:52 2010 -0800

    t/*.sh: indentation fixes

    We use real tabs for indenting shell code since it is not Ruby.

commit 1562a19a021a72a78ba495328d2d37ba0dc83b8c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Dec 7 12:11:51 2010 -0800

    rev+revactor: fix LARGE pipelined uploads

    Large uploads behave differently with regard to buffering,
    and there were bugs in the way the Rev and Revactor backends
    handled uploads.

commit b4835c6d542c6369f2523ab68fc41b0202d7c6dc
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Dec 3 01:23:11 2010 +0000

    Rainbows! 2.0.1 - upload pipelining fixes

    For HTTP clients living on the edge and pipelining uploads, we
    now fully support pipelined requests (as long as the application
    consumes each request in its entirety).

commit c096e735efea5050b0559748633403f0387ea3b3
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Dec 3 01:12:08 2010 +0000

    fix pipelining of requests with bodies

    All synchronous models have this fixed in unicorn 3.0.1,
    so only Rev and EventMachine-based concurrency models
    require code changes.

commit 64889d9136fa5466269232c26a2f235dd763d8f0
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Dec 2 07:38:14 2010 +0000

    ev_core: refactor and split cap_input out

    Hopefully it makes more sense now and is easier to
    digest for new hackers.

commit 945b5760d86b9dd00e65bd0625b98cf75f6a8257
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Dec 1 21:29:34 2010 -0800

    ev_core: split out prepare_request_body

    We may have other uses for this in the future...

commit 90789761f0cc78d3726f3a2eda1c5fe95c015ac2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Nov 19 19:09:59 2010 -0800

    Rainbows! 2.0.0 - minority rules!

    This release is targeted at the minority of web applications
    that deal heavily with uploads.

    Thanks to Unicorn 3.x, we now support HTTP keepalive for
    requests with bodies as long as the application consumes them.
    Unicorn 3.x also allows disabling the rewindability requirement
    of "rack.input" (in violation of the Rack 1.x spec).

    The global client_body_max_size may also be applied per-endpoint
    using the Rainbows::MaxBody middleware described in:

commit c33878ac0f9f990aaa2054f8f00674d61bf5c848
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Nov 20 03:10:09 2010 +0000

    tests: depend on Unicorn 3.0.0

    Unicorn 3.0.0 is final and released, so we will use it in our

commit a5986295bfb7bd7c44c863e4670f16481097c7fc
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Nov 19 18:55:06 2010 -0800

    revactor: fix braindamaged commit/coding style

    Oops, last commit was rushed

commit da9dfc1dece4fbcdf2a8e8ccdb4914ce4aa3a998
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Nov 19 18:39:02 2010 -0800

    simpler keepalive check for synchronous models

    Unicorn 3.x includes HttpParser#next? which will reset the
    parser for keepalive requests without extra steps.

commit c6ffae22748bc22d5ef88fea2a3ca67f480ee74b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Nov 19 10:19:45 2010 +0000

    max_body: rewrite wrappers to be safer

    To avoid denial-of-service attacks, the wrappers need to
    intercept requests *before* they hit the memory allocator, so we
    need to reimplement the read(all) and gets cases to use
    smaller buffers whenever the application does not specify one.

commit 3cee07d750f678af92318c14110c803be3f9b97f
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Nov 19 10:19:44 2010 +0000

    max_body: do not enable for RevThread* models

    Those already use CapInput, just like the rest of the evented
    Rainbows! world.

commit 00b854e37391322c05cc16115b245d855b4970be
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Nov 19 10:19:43 2010 +0000

    upgrade to Kgio 2.x and Unicorn 3.x

    Kgio 2.0.0 has a superior API and less likely to conflict or
    blow up with other applications.  Unicorn 3.x requires Kgio 2.x,

commit 0f00424be24806791f2b253ddac6d35102842646
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Nov 17 10:06:45 2010 -0800

    test_isolate: depend on newer Unicorn

    It allows disabling rewindable input and contains
    simpler code for upload processing.

commit 31cf77e7aa2f2e6065e7ace44e55c3f042b51f1b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Nov 16 16:16:42 2010 -0800

    reimplement client_max_body_size handlers

    This allows the client_max_body_size implementation to not rely
    on Unicorn::TeeInput internals, allowing it to be used with
    Unicorn::StreamInput (or any other (nearly)
    Rack::Lint-compatible input object).

commit 42747db815ad668b20849afb2a9dcdd1319713ae
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Nov 2 12:32:23 2010 -0700

    avoid Errno::EAGAIN, harder

    Errno::EAGAIN is still a problem under Ruby 1.9.2, so try harder
    to avoid it and use kgio methods.  Even when 1.9.3 is available,
    kgio will still be faster as exceptions are slower than normal
    return values.

commit 427ef4a2953a4b2d34f7dd89566a0cb5ee6e734d
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Nov 2 11:49:17 2010 -0700

    avoid Kgio::WaitReadable/WaitWritable constants

    The underlying symbolic names are easier to type and

commit ed3a30dcfb5489447dec9c3f73e8bec9dbf7713a
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Nov 4 19:52:35 2010 -0700

    process_client: fix attempted keepalive on HTTP 0.9

    The long-term goal is to make the Unicorn API more terse when
    handling keepalive.

commit 9f185041fb7af4cda21ba2d547fd4d16d9b2e453
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Oct 28 08:42:09 2010 +0000

    Rainbows! 1.0.0 - internal cleanups

    This release is merely a milestone in our evolving internal API.
    Use of kgio may result in performance improvements under Ruby
    1.9.2 with non-blocking I/O-intensive workloads.

    The only bugfix is that SIGHUP reloads restores defaults on
    unset settings.  A similar fix is included in Unicorn 2.0.0
    as well.

commit 015635f877084cc05a9e6e4c1430c70279d0a04e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Oct 28 08:40:12 2010 +0000

    tests: avoid race conditions on reload tests

    We need to ensure the old worker is really dead before sending
    requests after reloading.

commit b06c6b3ac214bc598d499c994884113d5b106e90
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Oct 28 08:29:53 2010 +0000

    t0018: wait for old worker to be reaped

    On busy machines, old workers may not shutdown quickly
    enough and may still be processing requests.

commit f84f138233be0607b0151a5a28c3f9190ba336a2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Oct 28 08:20:37 2010 +0000

    rev+event_machine: small cleanups with new parser API

    These allow for small reductions in the amount of variables
    we have to manage, more changes coming with later Unicorns.

commit c4579db76b9ed5b0286fad852e798e8a890f093c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Oct 28 02:17:25 2010 +0000

    HUP reload restores defaults on unset settings

    For consistency, changed settings are reset back to
    their default values if they are removed or commented
    out from the config file.

commit 83644e02068311c7ff9cdbc63efd4764d1518138
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Oct 27 23:52:28 2010 +0000

    use Unicorn 2.0.0 final

    Unicorn 2.0.0 has CPU wakeup reductions.

commit 2b9503566759678c9fbd7b01d1b5f487854208db
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Oct 26 21:36:02 2010 +0000

    Rakefile: updates for prereleases

    We do prereleases, now.

commit a47cd4a7f392a76357ed4f3e458797ae1f9c8f25
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Oct 26 21:26:03 2010 +0000

    Rainbows! 1.0.0pre1 - kinder, gentler I/O

    Mostly internal changes for kgio (and Unicorn) integration.
    There should be no (supported) user-visible changes from
    Rainbows! 0.97.0.  kgio should improve performance for
    concurrency models that use non-blocking I/O internally,
    especially under Ruby 1.9.2

commit 0298a6743f2cadf8c8e47a298c5b35505b74af46
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Oct 26 21:20:45 2010 +0000

    gemspec: bump development dependency of Isolate

    Might as well go with the latest and greatest,
    it has saner defaults at least.

commit 567e6ce5dba5ad2cca2cca8c64123e27939bff2b
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Oct 26 21:13:10 2010 +0000

    doc: RDoc updates

    Once again we avoid documenting internals on the public
    website and use code comments for other developers.

commit 894cb73887c106acc793f0317ee849ae215ead56
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Mon Oct 25 22:15:47 2010 +0000

    reduce dependency on IO#write_nonblock

    kgio_trywrite is superior if it is available.

commit 4ee6e0dafeb1b7af28fa90ae27c1a1a04aa8e852
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Sat Oct 23 00:42:04 2010 +0000

    http_request: remove this (sub)class

    It does not appear to be needed, for now, since the
    parser and Unicorn::HttpRequest are one and the same.

commit 180485d49ea858f83ef2a28a9e07224aa514edc7
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 16:21:03 2010 -0700

    unindent most files

    This simplifies and disambiguates most constant resolution
    issues as well as lowering our identation level.  Hopefully
    this makes code easier to understand.

commit 41145ed4d335718ac43aec9313b7571a12fe96ee
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 15:31:47 2010 -0700 remove testing under 1.9.1

    Ruby 1.9.2 has been out for a while and is the stable
    release nowadays.

commit b595ad7333ff85452b229674c6726e40d2cf7bb9
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 18:55:46 2010 +0000

    README: update copyright year

    This project is over 1 year old!

commit 4a568eeb7d17885579790d0ae004f04aa13479cb
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 02:50:09 2010 +0000

    dev_fd_response: do not wrap for Fiber-aware IOs

    Applications may use wait_readable-aware methods directly
    to work with Rainbows!

commit 6d46978bdc8d2ee4263431ecdcada53389b12597
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 02:51:18 2010 +0000

    fiber_{pool,spawn}: unindent

    Reduces confusion for constant resolution/scoping rules
    and lowers LoC.

commit 03806d2b44c2d3cee75258ee9e83d671e751baeb
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 02:38:40 2010 +0000

    fiber_pool: no need for old Fiber::IO

    Rainbows::Client takes care of the I/O wait/read-ability
    for us already.

commit 15631717fce044fbad2f386a7b1c7daf4bdd83d2
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Thu Oct 21 16:25:39 2010 -0700

    code shuffling for kgio

    Despite the large number of changes, most of it is code
    movement here.

commit d4a2b5dd2b85f4b2d3bb120ee1e1b0dde31bc25c
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Oct 20 17:48:58 2010 -0700

    unicorn 2.x updates + kgio

    We get basic internal API changes from Unicorn,
    code simplifications coming next.

commit a085ba3586756ac1f778d2862f75889de2449b0e
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Wed Oct 20 17:48:57 2010 -0700

    http_server: more descriptive error for debugging

    Sometimes we have stupid syntax or constant resolution
    errors in our code.

commit ad821f70a2488a91f2be1ac53cb2e64f50743989
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Tue Sep 28 17:40:01 2010 -0700

    start using kgio library

    It removes the burden of byte slicing and setting file
    descriptor flags.  In some cases, we can remove unnecessary
    peeraddr calls, too.

commit 11c75ec06ce72cea0c760161dc01a196500aa293
Author: Eric Wong <>
Date:   Fri Sep 17 08:55:35 2010 +0000

    event_machine: remove unnecessary "return"

    Noise is bad.

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