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A Fiber-aware IO class, gives users the illusion of a synchronous interface that yields away from the current Fiber whenever the underlying descriptor is blocked on reads or write

It’s not recommended to use any of this in your applications unless you’re willing to accept breakage. Most of this is very difficult-to-use, fragile and we don’t have much time to devote to supporting these in the future.

This is a stable, legacy interface and should be preserved for all future versions of Rainbows! However, new apps should use Rainbows::Fiber::IO::Socket or Rainbows::Fiber::IO::Pipe instead (or better yet, avoid any of the Rainbows::Fiber* stuff).

Public Instance Methods

for wrapping output response bodies

kgio_addr() view method source
kgio_read(*args) view method source
kgio_read!(*args) view method source
kgio_trywrite(*args) view method source
readpartial(length, buf = "") view method source
timed_read(buf) view method source

used for reading headers (respecting keepalive_timeout)

write_nonblock(buf) view method source

no longer used internally within Rainbows!, only for compatibility

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